Computer College – Fairview Campus Essay

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Computer College – Fairview Campus

1.0 Proposed Thesis Title:

“Easy Login System for Computers in AMA Fairview using ID Barcode Scanner”

2.0 Area of Investigation:
This study focuses on having a good monitoring system for easy login on the computers in the AMA Fairview computer laboratories in terms of students or professors using computers as well as monitoring the time and problems about each specific computer.

3.0 Reason for choosing this Topic:

To secure the laboratory equipments, the professors must ensure that students will handle them properly. The proponents chose this study to give ease on monitoring of student’s usage in each individual computer and also monitor the student’s attendance.

4.0 Importance of the Study:
The study will help to improve the services of the AMA Fairview in teaching on their computer subjects. It also helps the users to easily log in on the computers.

Computer College – Fairview Campus Asia ’s 1st and Largest IT University Lot 9 Blk 129 Regalado Ave., Fairview, Pasong Putik, Quezon City

5.0 Target Users/Beneficiaries:

The target users or beneficiaries of this study will be the students and professors using computers with ease of monitoring the computer’s condition to lessen the student’s misusage.

6.0 Similarity with Previous Study/Project:

This proposed study is similar to “Celt Login Authentication System(CLAS) in University of Santo Thomas ” by Michael Anthony G. Goco and Edgardo Antonio O. Gayos.

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