Computer aided design Essay

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Computer aided design

EVER since the world has turned into a “global village”, the gap between people or rather the classes has been widened. Technology has brought revolutionary changes in our society. It has brought the entire world to our finger tips. Today, a person living in the US or in any other country can easily communicate with his family members or friends. Yes, communications is much faster now and a time-saving process. But, the emotions, the feelings and the attachment linked with writing a letter has all been lost during the last couple of decades.

Social sites like Facebook and tweeter are the modern ways of sharing our feelings with our near and dear ones. These modern means of communication appear to be meaningful ways of communication but in reality have negative effects. The privacy of a person exists nowhere on these so-called social sites. But the irony is we still praise the West for providing us such a great platform for communicating with our family and friends. Almost every technology has a bright and dark side to it, its positive and negative repercussions.

About a couple of decades back, communicating with a relative or friend was not as easy as it is today. We used to correspondence once a twice a month to inform them about the latest happenings. We were deeply involved in the communication process. We were so excited while speaking to our parents or friends while calling them from abroad. But today, such emotions can hardly be witnessed. Inevitably, we are technologically advanced but we have been morally and spiritually weakened.

We are heading towards cultural decadence ever since technology has become a part of lives. It seems as if we have sunk into an ocean of nothingness. With the help of the latest technology, fake IDs can easily be made. Besides, you can post malicious content to defame a relative or friend. You can also do it out of jealousy or if you want to take revenge for something. Determining whether technology is a boon or bane is not easy. However, I believe it has more evil effects than good.

Technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives – be it personal, social or professional. Even children are not left untouched by the growing craze of the latest gadgets and apps. “It all began with smart classes and now these apps and gadgets have taken over almost every part of our lives. My neighbour’s daughter reads from the tab and then goes to sleep,” says Sarika Khanna, mother of a 19 year old from and resident of Model Gram. “As a child I wouldn’t sleep until my mother would sing me a lullaby. My daughter too has been brought up this way. But what we see today is unbelievable,” she adds.

Tracing a child with an ipad or tab in their hand is not an unusual site these days. Though development in technology is an achievement in itself, what happens when it begins to replace humans in your life? What to do when a 3-year-old depends on their tablet for sleep? “At time when a mother is busy with various games and apps like Temple Run, Candy Crush, Whatsapp and Facebook, what can we expect from children?” asks Ruchika Arora, who runs a preschool. “This dependence on technology can be a boon as it helps in keeping abreast with the latest happenings, but where to draw the limit?”

There are a lot of applications that cater to specific age groups and are a great hit too. Today everything that a mother could possibly teach a child is easily available on Internet. In fact many even say they do depend on the Internet for parenting tips. “Internet is so vast and has the knowledge about almost everything that we need today. I have downloaded some games and stories for my daughter so that she can learn new things. I don’t see anything wrong with this,” says Sapna Khanna, mother of a 4 year old and resident of Kitchlu Nagar. Applications like sing and learn colors that teach children to identify colors, pocket phonetics for lessons on pronunciation, peek-a-boo games for toddlers and a lot of other educational andentertainment games are available these days.

“One can easily find information regarding the best applications for toddlers to keep them busy. What I don’t understand is that how come a toddler needs all these applications? What has happened to real toys and home learning?” asks Shikha Puri, a child specialist in the city. “These not only have serious implications on their physical health, but affects their mental health too. It is like replacing the role of a mother. Many may argue that what I am saying is exaggeration, but they should realize that with time the child may get detached from the real world and it’s not a good sign,” she adds.

we cannot live without electricity nor can we survive the whole day without knowing whether which is the latest Gadget in use which would benefit the driver of an automobile to drive safely and at the same time work on his
immediate assignment at hand. Basically, we need TECHNOLOGY and we are a big part of it already. We live, strive and thrive on computers, data base online, communication network, and the latest gadgets

Technology today has given us both Nuclear weapon and Medicines that could cure the unthinkable of pain and diseases. It has given us a better opportunity to preach and teach knowledge to those less privileged, those who cannot hear or see or speak and understand their language and be one and at the same time it has made it possible to grow in millions and preach out freedom to one.

Technology creates options. Options lead to confusion. A man getting into a crowded bus will sit on any available seat. The same man in an empty bus will wonder whether he should sit in the front or back, window or aisle….Err why I am even talking about all this. Without technology there wouldn’t be buses!!! Options besides creating confusion also create conflict. Technology creates wants, wants and more wants. The moment you satisfy few of them, many more raise their hydra head.

In conclusion, we think that Technology is a must. It’s a Boon and it will stay so forever. Without it we could not have had this debate. We would not realize that it is possible to go beyond the age of 90 and still be fit and healthy. Technology has given that to us today


Technology is a two-edged sword, one side is to hurt enermy (boon) and the other injured ourself (bane). It is never fair to say that technology is either a boon or a bane as it brings benefits and problems to all of us.

I would say that technology is a drug, and we are addicted. We cannot live nor do anything any longer without technology. Comparing living longer without technology and shorter life span with technology everywhere, what will you choose? I bet that majority will not go for the simple life. Once you tried technology once, you are fascinated by the convenience of it, there is no way one can reject it by any means; because technology means lots of tears and blood retained and litres of sweat were saved (without reference to Auto CADD), no body would like to choose things to do on the hard way.

Nevertheless, technology is advancing at a tremendous pace, and it means that information will be outdated really fast. So if one were not able to keep pace with the latest technology, they will be disqualified by society without a shadow of a doubt.

Hence, is technology still a boon?

Yes and no.

Yes for it kept us warm under harsh condition, saved us lots of time (without reference to Auto CADD), made things convenient for us (but not so for engineers who study electrical components), made our life more enjoyable and relax, provide us with quality vegetables, solved many problems for Singapore (eg. the extension of land, new water and many more), improving machines that can serve us better and many other more.

No for it destroy many natural habitats during gathering of resources, have to work harder as more advance technology means services provided must be of a higher standard, people will be outdated easier when ignoring the television for too long, main cause of many natural disasters nowadays, lesser personal communication due to invention of handphones and emails, the use of nuclear weapons in war and many other more.

In conclusion, there were too many factors for us to weigh and measure; but what if technology really is a bane? Will we not depend on it anymore? Technology is part of us; we cannot be separated till the moment we no longer breath in and out. May 24, 2007 at 12:11 PM

zaidi said…
i agree with andy.
technology have become apart of our daily lives. it is true that many pollution problems is due to technology , however as seen on news lately many countries are striving to cause lesser pollution by using alternative sources for the use of technology. technology have also be a boon in trying to make its bane a boon. thus as my first post said ,technology is a boon and a bane ,depending on how it is use. May 24, 2007 at 1:12 PM

zaidi said…
(k last post for this blog kampai!!!!)

andy u said that tecnology is like a drug and is addictive. i dissagree with your point. people are more reliant than addicted to it.however the government are trying to solve the problem of people being tooreliant to technology. in secondary sch CCA are also created for another reason, to make the students remember not to be too reliant on technology(ncc, nppcc, OBS, mount ophir expeition etc.].also, more and more shows on television are telling people to be more less reliant on technology directly and indirectly(commercial,captian planet (a very…old cartoon)). May 24, 2007 at 1:27 PM

Technology in the form of computer is a ubiquitous feature of modern life. Whether it is at a restaurant paying the bill or going to the Automated Teller Machine to withdraw money, we see the presence of computers.

Yes, I agree that the benefits of the computer cannot be disputed, and it is useful because it offers us a window to the world. However, there were always tiny little flaw in every diamond, and weak point in every considered “real-blessing” stuff. What I mean was the invention of some really unnecessary commercial product, and so called “educational material”.

Everyone has there own dislike over the technology (as what I had mentioned in the last paragraph), and for me, it is AUTO Computer Aided Design & Drafting (Auto CADD). Why do I say so? Because, I can simply take a piece of blank paper with the aid of a pencil and sometimes an eraser, and begin to draw any circuit I desire within half the amount of time I spent using Auto
CADD, drawing the same thing! Why shall I spend money to buy the software to stress myself with the redundant commands when I can draw faster and better using pencil? Why shall I waste electricity and precious youth time to press “Z”, “ENTER”, “A”, “ENTER” again and again and again?

That is what I think made technology a bane. I agree that technology do benefit us, but DEFINITELY NOT IN SUCH A WAY! When a module like this is being introduced to Polytechnics, how many electricity, time and money would be wasted? Is this a boon or a bane? Different people will have different views. I dare not say that mine is a hundred percent correct, but it is at least the bane of technology faced by me. May 24, 2007 at 11:08 AM

Sean said…
why dont we put it in this way.. when technology gives a help to our daily lifestyle, it is good.. but on the other hand, causing problems that too give us headache.

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