Compulsory Sports Educaion Essay

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Compulsory Sports Educaion

Education should mean a perfect balance between imparting physical and academic education to the child. Education means all round development of personality i. e. physical, mental, aesthetic and spiritual. As children grow, they need balanced development of both the body and the mind especially up to the teens when they spend a major part of the day in school. At least one hour of sports of any kind is essential to recharge the minds of the children for better concentration. Schools are not for studies only. This narrow sense of education is to be corrected in the minds of the parents as well.

Of course, sports and games would be followed by schools depending on the sports infrastructure they possess. In today’s enclosed colonies with severe crunch of playing fields, sports in schools can be extremely beneficial for children. Considering the fact that the obesity graph for children has been growing drastically since the past few years, the value of sports for children in the school cannot be underratedr. Undoubtedly, games and sports help in recreation and are very good for de-stressing, encouraging team building and also teaching them to accept defeat.

Sportsmanship and team spirit displayed by the players on the field can be imbibed by the students. Their display of punctuality and self-discipline could be adopted for betterment. Moreover, exercise invigorates the mind and body and helps to keep fit. Making sports and extracurricular activities mandatory at the school enables kids to realize their own strengths and that is what schools are for. When young kids enter school they are unaware of their strengths and are still developing interest in various things.

If extracurricular activities would not be compulsory at school many kids will never get a chance to try them out. Sports should be made compulsory in schools to introduce a healthy lifestyle to all the school going children. However, there should be more variety of sports and activities like swimming, tennis, track and field, weight lifting (gym), as well as competitive and noncompetitive games. Outdoor games are recreational and they ensure that children are exposed to fresh air and exercise, which they may not get at home. The TVs and computers are dragging the students away from any form of physical workout.

Unfortunately, in our country the state of sports is dismal and sportspersons lack proper training and sponsorship. Most of the schools lack the area and the infrastructure for sports. The State governments, school boards and Sports Authorities of India should enact laws to make sports a compulsory subject in schools and also provide financial assistance to schools. So, schools must consider the fact that games are not just wastage of time rather they are such rare treasures that shape the future prospect of a student. So students, Play games, not only to hit, But also to be 100% fit.

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