Comptemcy Goal Essay

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Comptemcy Goal

Candidate develops a warm positive, supportive, and responsive relationship with each child, and helps each child learn about and take pride in his or her individual and cultural identity.

To Support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance in toddlers I explain the reasons for limits and rules in simple words, demonstrating whenever possible. I also talk about rules and limits in words that children can understand. “You can not hit. Hitting hurts. When you are mad, you can jump up and down or stamp your feet or come to me for a hug.” To Support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance I talk with preschoolers about “good touching” and “bad touching” as a way of preventing sexual abuse. I help preschool children start to identify how good touch feels as opposed to bad touch. I tell them that hugging and cuddling is good and healthy and will help them feel confident. I also talk about feelings and explain the range of emotions we all feel and that these emotions are good to have.

Functional Area 9: Social

Candidate helps each child function effectively in the group, learn to express feelings, acquire social skills, and make friends, and promotes mutual respect among children and adults.

I give the children the opportunity to learn cooperate and social interact with each other. I provide a social and emotional development in this area by providing a positive relationship with the children. I help the children with developing with the social skills and problem solving skills to ability to act independently. I encourage the children to learn to communicate with the other children. I learned that having a positive attitude with the parents encourages them to have a positive attitude with there children. Also communicate with the parents. I encourage social and emotional development and to provide a positive relationships through the daily interactions. I try to engage the feeling acceptance in the group and by helping the children to communicate and get alone with the children. I also have a healthy relationship with the children, parents, teacher’s, service providers and any one who is a part of our day to model for the children.

Functional 10: Guidance

Candidate provides a supportive environment and uses effective strategies to promote children’s self-regulation and support acceptable behaviors, and effectively intervenes for children with persistent challenging behaviors.

I have realistic expectations about the children’s attention spans, interests, social and physical abilities, and needs. One way I provide positive guidance is I anticipate confrontations between children and diffuse negative behavior and model positive behaviors.

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