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Compressive Strength of LWAC

Categories Natural resources, Science

Essay, Pages 2 (390 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (390 words)

R.N.F. Carmo et al, studied the influence of the compressive strength of LWAC, longitudinal tensile reinforcement ratio and transversal reinforcement ratio on bending behavior of reinforced LWAC beams, in terms of strength and ductility. Thirteen reinforced LWAC beams, with 3.0 m long and rectangular cross-section (0.12 * 0.27 m^2) were tested until failure, these were designed to fail under bending and not by shear, to avoid shear failure outside the pure bending area transverse stirrups (6 mm distanced 8 cm) were displaced in both edge zones in all beams.

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Three series were considered for the beams’ tests.1st series studied the varying of tensile reinforcement ratio (ПЃ) without transverse confinement. Only one type of LWAC was considered in this series, with a compressive strength targeted on 55 MPa. 2nd series studied the varying of transverse reinforcement ratio at the central area of pure bending on the beams’ behavior (0%, 0.60%, 1.68%). only one type of LWAC was considered, also with a compressive strength of 55 MPa.

3rd series studied the varying of the compressive strength of LWAC, the following values: 35, 55 and 70 MPa were considered, no transverse stirrups were placed in the central area.

Two different values of tensile reinforcement ПЃ were also considered (1.12% and 2.96%), these combined parameters allow studying the influence of compressive strength of the LWAC on two different designed sections.They proved that the deformation capacity of reinforced LWAC beam significantly decreases with the increase of tensile reinforcement ratio, maintaining the concrete strength. It was also verified an increase of both vertical displacement and curvature with the increase of concrete strength, particularly in beams with lower tensile reinforcement ratio.

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The beams without transverse reinforcement, in the central zone, presented a brittle failure, when compared with beams with transverse reinforcement, mainly in beams with higher tensile reinforcement ratios.

The good performance of the compressed bars is conditioned by the existence of the transversal reinforcement because it can avoid the bar’s buckling. On beams with a high tensile reinforcement ratio, it was found that the increase of concrete strength originated a more explosive failure, and with great damage. when the concrete compressive strength was increased, it allowed to better use the tensile reinforcement, beams did not reach the yielding load, the failure was brittle and conditioned by the bearing capacity of the concrete in the compression zone.

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