Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Essay

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Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program

By Gregg Keizer Courtesy of TechWeb News Even as spyware has become a dirty word and users have been bombarded with stories its pervasive,pernicious nature,criminals have dramatically expanded their distribution chhanels and infected and overwhelming majority of enterprise PCs anti-spyware vendor webroot said tuesday as it rolled out its latest stats.

The number of malicious sites hosting spyware has quadrupled sense the star of the year,siad Richard Stienon, Webroot’s director of treats research, and now number over 300,000 URLs

On average,enterprise PCs have 27 pieces of spyware on their hard drives,a 19 percent encrease in the last quarter alone,while a whopping 80 percent of corporate computer host at least on one instant of unwanted software,whether that’s adware,spyware,or trojan horse.

“The actual maliciousness of it is increasing,”said Stienon. “there’ssimply more malicious activity per piece of spyware.They’re not satisfied with making their seven cent a click by flooding systems with adware ;now they’re focussing on identity theft,sometimes from within an organization spyware’s is being used by insiders,insane hack their employer or boss.” the following instruction and write your answer on space provided

1.Press Ctrl+A
What happened? The all words that im typing is highlightened. sure nothing is selected.using the muose,in the first paragraph,select or highlight with out losing the selection,hold the Ctrl key and highlight the other “spyware”words on the first paragraph. What happened?

3.Position the cursor at the very start of a paragraph.hold the Ctrl+shift key then press the right arrow key 3 or more times. What happened?

4.position the cursor anywhere in the first paragraph.hold the shift key and click anywhere in the 3 paragraph. What happened?

5.position the cursor anywhere in the first paragraph.hold the shift key and click on arrow key 3 or more times. What happened?

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