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My parents took me to Chidambaram on the occasion of the festival for Lord Nataraja. That festival occurs once in a year. The crowd was huge. It had come from all parts of India, and, in some cases, even from outside India. The crowd consisted of people from various states in India. It therefore, consisted of people from different walks of life. We saw people from Northern states of India, like, Uttar Pradesh, Rajastan, Delhi and many more. We also saw crowds from Great Britain and The United States of America. We found people talking in different languages.

Some of the people found it difficult to make the local people of Chidambaram understand what they meant. So, they needed interpreters. As mentioned earlier, the crowd was not only huge, but consisted of citizens of various status and from various states. Some leader was delivering a speech. He did not belong to Tamil Nadu. Sometimes he would speak in broken language and then switch over to different language, which i too could not follow. The crowd was in no better position. So, there was commotion in the crowd because it could not understand what the speaker was talking about.

When the crowd became restive, someone came on to the dias to do interpretation, but that did not also satisfy the crowd. Therefore, the speaker finished his speech and some one else came up the dias to deliver the speech. But, he too did not understand the local language well and there was a confusion again. This time the crowd became very restive and could not be controlled by the cops. When the situation appeared to be going out of control, the cops interfered and used water guns to disperse the crowd. When that too did not give the desired result, the cops naturally resorted to using bullets.

The first fired in the air to terify the people. But, that did not yield the desired result. So they sprayed the crowd with actual bullets. This made the crowd retreat and some calm appeared to have descended on the crowd. So, this was a meeting which was well attended. But, it was attended by people from various states speaking different languages and having different life cultures. The speakers also did not do anything to pacify the crowd. As i said earlier, the crowd came from different states and spoke different languages, they could not understand what the speakers spoke, nor could others understand what they spoke.

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