Composition Essay Topics

Position of the leader

In every team endeavor someone formally or informally takes the position of the leader. A leader keeps track of all the team activities and has a deciding effect on the workings of the team. He has to care not only about the work but also its speed of execution. As team is composed of people,… View Article

English Composition

The management of ABC Industrial Corporation has recognized your dedicated and efficient service to the company as well as for its clients. You have done such an invaluable contribution and performance as supervisor of Research and Development Automation Section for the past two years. Your efforts have effective contribution by effectively managing a diverse technical… View Article

Design and Analysis of a Laminated Composite Tube

A composite material is a material made from two or more constituents with significantly different physical or chemical properties. There are two main categories of constituent materials, matrix and reinforcement. At least one material of each type is required. (Composite Material). The phase distribution and geometry of the two materials have been ordered to optimise… View Article

Visual artist in our modern day society

Artists play several important roles in today’s society. An artist uses his tools, whether it is paints, pens, pencils or any other median they enjoy and find effective to comment on the trends society has formed, an important subject to the artists such as political stances and views and areas that the artist feel need… View Article

My Writing Experiences

I began to write composition in my highschool years. Firstly I was taught to writecomposition by preparing outline and then regulating it. Our english teacher gave us varioushomeworks on different topics. Firstly we used to write it in Turkish then translate it intoEnglish, so we could make a lot of mistakes. It was either a… View Article

English Composition

I am writing my research paper on the topic of mandatory minimum jail sentences. Why do we have mandatory minimum sentences for certain criminal offenses that cause individuals to do extended prison terms when their offenses are totally different from someone who commits a similar offense but do the same amount of time? My work… View Article

Nicolas Poussin – The Rape of the Sabine Women

In The Rape of the Sabine Women, there is no obvious vanishing point. There is great depth to this composition, which is created through a multitude of techniques. Although there are several buildings and man made objects, linear perspective is not extremely defined. However, aerial perspective is apparent. The colors of the building are muted,… View Article

“Beguiling Lure “ by Isaac Talley

In this essay I will attempt to analyze the artwork named “Beguiling Lure “ by Isaac Talley , 2009. The medium of this artwork is acrylic and oil on canvas. The composition is simple with the main focus being a dangling object and a portrait of a single bird. The multi coloring of the background… View Article

My Writing Experience and Thoughts about Different Cultures

First of all, I would like to talk about my writing experience. In China, primary students originally talk about the pictures in primary school. There is no particularly difficult impression in my memory, But when I was in high school, I found a primary school second grade examination paper and I found articles particularly well… View Article