Composing Exercise Program Essay

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Composing Exercise Program

This is a composing exercise program. This will only work on the computer. The way this program works is very simple. All the poems from Shijing have already been stored within the application itself, and users can choose and open any poems that they want among the list. Since the Shijing has over hundreds of poems, they have been classified according to categories to facilitate the search. The categories can be further narrowed down so suit the user’s needs. The poems can be chosen according to the music that the users have in mind.

Once the poem has been chosen, then the program allows you to interpose music on the poem. When you are ready to compose, simply click the “start compose” button, and you will see blank music paper on the screen. Decide where you want to put your note and simply click on the music paper, then the note will appear on the screen. If you right click on one specific note, you can choose its length or measure. After you are done composing, you can store your composed music into the program.

You can re-do your work on the same poem without deleting the previous files and also you can continue working on the same music if you closed the programs before you were finished. Basically saving files in the program works just same as saving any other file in your. This program also contains a built in audio processing system so that you can listen to the music while you are composing it, making changes whenever necessary. The point of this program is to give users the chance to experience different genres of poems (lyrics).

Shijing is the perfect collection because of the wide variety of poems used. The challenge is the choice of music to use on the poems. Because every poem has a different emotion, the creativity of the user is given the chance to come out and develop. Every single poem evokes different insights and emotions, thus affecting the music as well. Sometimes poems will be very personal and sometimes poems will be very political. The poems are already written and the challenge is to make it come alive with music. Target: Anyone who is interested in music and wants to give composing a try.

Feasibility: There are many composing programs out in the market but none with poems or lyrics pre-stored. Moreover, most of them are targeted for expert musicians. This application will help beginners and experts alike focus on the creation of music because the lyrics have already been pre-set. Relevance: I believe that this project has some relevance to Confucian studies because it allows users to look at the Shijing poems in a different light and have unique and new perspectives about it. This provides a deeper appreciation for the poems and may inspire people to study them more.

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