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Complex situations like the death of a family member of an individual

Complex situations like the death of a family member of an individual, receiving bad prognosis in relation to personal health can put pressure on an individual. There are ways to put person centred values into practice in a complex or sensitive situation which mean including person centred values like individuality, rights, choice, privacy, independence, dignity, respect and partnership.

There was a Jewish old lady at the setting where I work .She always want to observe shabbat every Friday by lighting candles and reciting prayer but because she had forgotten to put the candle out after her prayers several times, I informed her that she can no longer light candles for prayers anymore for safety reasons.

This really didn’t go well with her because shabbat is observe on Friday and the burning of candle is very significant, so I arranged for a meeting with her to explain better and offer another choice. The meeting was attended by the lady’s daughter as well and it was concluded that lighting candles poses a fire risk and I suggested to her that an electrical candles which uses batteries can be provided by the setting .

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The Jewish lady and her daughter were pleased with this outcome and I updated her care plan and put an action plan for all staff to follow :

-that the use of naked fire in form of lighting candles should not be used for safety reasons.

– that the electrical candles provided be checked every week and batteries should be change when needed.

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2.3 adapt actions and approaches in response to an individual’s changing needs or preferences.

Actions and approaches in response to an individual’s changing needs or preferences implies that care worker should work in a person – centred approach by listening to the individual, putting the service-user at the heart of the care planning process. Any information about the individual’s changing needs or preferences should be written down in the individual’s care plan

Individual might change preferences towards personal hygiene for example, an individual having no preferences of male or female staff and now refusing male staff when being assisted with personal care.

There was a male individual who was recovering from stroke but still unable to do certain things like use the toilet or shower on their own. And due to staff shortage, agency staff were drawn in to assist on a shift. The male agency staff was to support the individual with personal care, but the individual refused stating that he prefers a female care worker. I was called to speak to him, explaining why agency staffs were called in, before speaking with him, I went through his care plan to see if we are missing something but there was no preference of male or female care worker. After a lengthy discussion, he disclosed that he was sexually abused by a man when he was young so didn’t like the idea of a man assisting him with personal care.

After this disclosure, his family was informed, and his care plan was updated stating his preference.

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