Complaint Letter Against Employer Essay

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Complaint Letter Against Employer

I am writing this email to inform you that the decision made to relieve me of my duties as office manager and remain on staff as “office support” has been done on unlawful grounds. Last week on April 21st I was informally given some vague feedback regarding comments from my co-worker Jane Doe. Her allegations caught me off guard so I requested an opportunity to review some of these concerns with the hope that I could also give a brief explanation from my perspective. I also requested time to review the job description so that we could confirm the nature of my role in the office for clarity’s sake. Dr. ——– asked that I be prepared to discuss what I enjoyed doing in the office as well as the job description, noting that I would continue doing the things I enjoyed doing and other tasks would be handled by current or future staff. This was to be addressed on the next work day which was April 25th.

Today I addressed Dr. ——– at the end of the day to let her know I was ready to discuss these matters when she was available at which time she came to the back office. I was then told that our file clerk was going to be let go, that our reserve receptionist was promoted to full-time and that we would need someone to replace Jane who will have her last day in the office on April 29th of this week.

After discussing a few of the responsibilities of the above mentioned positions we began reviewing the job description. Dr. ——– then crossed out 80% of the job description and divided it among a previous administrative employee, a contact who has agreed to begin working with Dr. Khan in June and yourself.

This was not what was discussed on April 21st and is an unfair result of an unfair assessment for the primary reasons below: 1. The action taken by Dr. ——– does not fit the problem that occurred in that there was no verbal warning, no reprimand, and no opportunity to improve. 2. There was no standard or guideline of what my position as an Office Manager consisted of even on an introductory level – there was no job description.

3. I was not told I was being assessed and not given the specifics of the assessment itself and was therefore not afforded the courtesy of explaining my position adequately or even understanding where and how the errors/conflicts occurred. 4. The assessment was incomplete/unbalanced as one area of office development was assessed while others that are also critical to the function of the office were not addressed. Also, I am sorry to say that this issue now calls into question how things will be resolved based on the fact that you as the HR consultant are also the nephew of Dr.

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