Competitive Sports Essay

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Competitive Sports

In the text”Competitive sport for children at heart of Olympics legacy” from 2012, released just after the Olympic Games in London the Prime Minister David Cameron announced that competitive and individual sports will be in much more focus. Competitive sports will be a permanent part of the new primary school curriculum which will require every child in primary school to join competitive team sport. The government’s aim is to for all schools to take part of the school games which is a very important part of the encouragement of competitive sports.

They are willing to give every pupil the chance to take part in the Olympic also handicapped children will be able to join the Paralympics. Over one billion will be spent over five years for youth sport, local sport venues will be upgraded and thousands of links will be made between sports club and schools. David Cameron concludes by saying that he wants to end the over competitive culture and let children enjoy and play the sports from a young age so they can pursue their dreams. 2. Are mandatory competitive sports in primary schools a good idea?

The British government thinks so and believes that all kids should be active in competitive sports and its healthy for kids, the government has invested a lot of money on this project and is convinced that sport is the only way forward, whereas Matthew green on the other hand think that it is a bad idea. He used to hate sports in prep school and believes that he was just something for other people to show off against. Winning only goes to those with a certain mental and physical aptitudes Matthew says, you shouldn’t be forced into something you don’t want to, if you don’t have right attitude towards sports it’s going to be painful.

The retired British rower Sir Steve Redgrave is somewhere in between. Redgrave believes in competitive sports but it has to be done the right way so that kids are enjoying the sports and having fun, sport is not just about winners and losers. 3. In text 3 Matthew green says “If the alleged health benefits of sports are to be realized, then it needs to be voluntary and enjoyable. ” I agree a lot with that statement it is my opinion that you shouldn’t be pushed into something you don’t want to do, while sports is good for your body and your mind I believe that choosing your own way and hobbies is way better.

You can’t force a child to play the guitar and expect him to be a rock star in ten years, the passion has to come from the inside and sport is not everyone’s passion. I think you take the fun part out of sport if you make it over competitive and compulsory. The children might be in good shape but if they are bullied for being bad at a sport or having a bad time because they simply don’t like the sport then I think something is wrong.

4. All sorts of sports By the end of this month all kids down to the age of seven will be interacting in competitive sports. The new rules have affected all schools in the country and I do not have positive thoughts about the new rule. While this could lead to good changes, I think mostly negative consequences will come out of this, I mean Do we really want kids to have a competitive mind that early. Seven year olds should have other things on their mind than “I need to be the best on the team or else I am a loser”.

I am not rejecting this at all because good things will also happen after the new law, it will help the obesity that is one of the biggest problems in this country. Competitive sports will make some children very happy and some children will not be pleased by it and that’s how it is when you introduce new laws. I had a Speak with the school principal about the new set of rules and here? s what he said: I am looking forward to the new changes! Although I think seven years is a bit young, but I believe that an active school is a better and more focused school.

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