Competitive Grants, Action Research Proposal, and Business Plans Essay

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Competitive Grants, Action Research Proposal, and Business Plans

Competitive grants, action research proposals, and business plans all seem to be predisposed with results and outcomes. All three seem to be geared towards the realization of a goal or an objective that supports desirable changes and results in society. Competitive grants are designed to be able to provide help and support to various populations who are in dire need of them (USDH, 2000).

Action Research Proposals are written because of the need for changes in people’s behavior and responses toward certain issues or themes that need to be improved in order to result to desirable change through action research (Ferrance, 2000). Business plans are also designed in such a way that it provides for the needs of the consumers or the people and influence desirable changes in the economy and the satisfaction of the nation. It includes all the most important decision that one can make in order to make the business progress and be successful in its venture. (My Own Business, 2007)

            In addition, competitive grants, action research proposals, and business plans are instrumental in identifying and determining the varied needs of members in the society. These three also differ in their purpose, content, and outline. To have a deeper understanding about the similarities and differences among these three, the discussion about their nature and characteristics is relevant and will be stated in the following paragraphs.

            Funding programs for a specific group of population takes on the form of competitive grants. Competitive grants aim to address the growing needs of and problems in society. However, grants are only available to those who are eligible to apply and be granted access to the benefits and advantages that goes along with the grant. The funding and support that come from competitive grants are only limited to those who fit the characteristics of its target population. Moreover, these grants are only available for a limited period of time as proclaimed by the public or private organization implementing the program. Examples of competitive grants include training programs for young people who cannot afford to go to school, funding for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle advocacy, etc. (USDH, 2000)

            An action research proposal plays a significant role in conducting a research, especially one that is academic in nature. The purpose of an action research proposal is to establish a background about the theme that is to be addressed after the research. In addition, an action research aims to influence change in certain processes and progressions that would in turn affect desirable changes in society. The action research proposal is instrumental in the accomplishment of this mission as it provides an overview of the problem and the solutions that would cause pleasant changes.

The action research proposal is the basis of the action research. All the information and other action researches that have been conducted in the past are included in the proposal. In addition, it also contains predictions or calculated guesses of what the action research would lead to. It also includes the various processes that will be employed in order to collect all data, interpret them, and establish a solution to the main problem in the proposal. (Ferrance, 2000)

            A business plan is a tool used by professionals in the business arena to predict the status of a specific business venture. It is also a way of preventing losses or cutbacks in the future. The business plan also continuously functions as a monitoring guide in evaluating or assessing the path of the business, whether it follows the plan or it is progressing or digressing in a different direction. Therefore, it is important to include substantial information and integrate it in the plan in order to see that changes that are occurring in a business enterprise. (Berry, 2008) The business plan is also broad than the action plan proposal and the competitive grant because it covers a wider range of information, from consumers, to human resources, capital funds, marketing strategies, etc. (My Own Business, 2007)


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