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Walmart Core Competencies
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Introduction Wal-Mart is a company that has taken its core competencies, which are the capabilities the firm emphasizes and performs especially well while pursuing its vision (Ireland, Hoskisson, Hitt, 2008), and turned them into competitive advantages. Core competencies must satisfy four characteristics in order to be a competitive advantage. These advantages, according to our text, include: *valuable, *rare, *difficult to imitate,*nonsubstitutable. Culture- One core competency Wal-Mart has is its culture. Wal-Mart’s employees are hardworking, efficient, and process oriented. In the…...
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Sony Case Study
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Pages • 9
This case study deals with the company Sony corporation. I will answer to the questions, one and two which are: Briefly identify the capabilities and sources of competitive advantage that enabled Sony to grow in 50 years from its humble origins to a 6.7 trillion yen transnational in 2000. As an atypical Japanese Company, were some distinctive features of its business culture a contributory factor ? Outline and evaluate Sony's strategies, including internationalisation and diversification strategies, in the period 1987…...
Case StudyCompetitive AdvantageInnovationPersonal ComputerSony
Southwest Airlines Pricing strategy
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Pages • 3
Various pricing strategies can be deployed by organizations. These include the penetration pricing strategy, the skimming strategy, economy / low cost pricing strategy, and the premium pricing strategy (Keegan and Green, 2002, p. 364). Of these pricing strategies, Southwest Airlines offers lower than average prices, suggestive of an economy pricing strategy. By definition, the economy / low cost pricing strategy involves offering a price that is kept as low as possible, which is accompanied by the bare minimum of services…...
AirlineCompetitive AdvantageSouthwest AirlinesStrategy
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Johnson & Johnson: Creating a Global Learning Organization
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Pages • 4
To provide current, cost-effective training in the fast-paced global business environment, many companies are turning to e-learning. One study shows that about 35 percent of large companies have implemented learning management systems, and another 45 percent are planning them. 1 While the trend is to centralize learning to control quality, costs, and management, Johnson & Johnson launched a successful e-learning system using a different approach. Headquartered on a small campus in New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson is one of the…...
Competitive AdvantageJohnson & JohnsonLearningOrganization
Marketing Strategy and Implementation of Starbucks
Words • 2628
Pages • 11
Legitimate usage and execution of a vital Marketing plan are fundamental to the achievement of any organization. An organization may have an ideal product, however without an appropriate situating, distinguishing proof of an objective market, and a legitimate marketing plan an organization would not have the capacity to effectively showcase its products to buyers. Starbucks has been effectively being able to convert an activity carried out at home to a business accomplishment through appropriate usage and execution of its strategic…...
CoffeeCompetitive AdvantageMarketingStarbucksStrategySwot Analysis
Competitive advantage
Words • 396
Pages • 2
In an age where industrialization is at its peak and the market is open and fair for companies, competitive advantage is what keeps most manufacturers and service providers in business.  A business must posses something that appeals to the consumers in order to enjoy their patronage. This could be in the form of price advantage, brand advantage, after sale advantage or customer relations. In Professor Hao Ma’s article titled, “Leaders Beware: Some Sure Ways to Lose Your Competitive Advantage”, he…...
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Nestle VRIN & PESTLE Analysis
Words • 2135
Pages • 9
Executive Summary The main purpose of this assignment is to express the internal and external analysis of Nestle SA how to get competitive advantage by using resources and capabilities. VRIN analysis is to describe the core competencies of Nestle. And the current strategies are mainly used to run the whole organization process. PESTEL analysis and Five Forces model are to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Nestle in Food and Beverage industry. The result is that the core competencies of…...
CompetitionCompetitive AdvantageMarketingNestle
Keys to Sustainable Competitive Advantage
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Pages • 4
Develop an appropriate pitch applying key principles that achieve a sustainable competitive edge. Pitching Definition If someone is pitching for something, they are trying to persuade other people to give it to them. Point out your business idea. To put, set, or plant in a fixed or definite place or position. Key principle to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Establish Brand Loyalty Customers will often remain with a brand they have loyalty towards, even though the company does not offer the…...
Competitive AdvantageMarketingNegotiationNokiaSustainabilityTarget Market
The focused differentiation strategy of Mystic Monk Coffee
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Pages • 4
The mission of the Order is obviously to respect, love, and pray to God. Father Prior Daniel Mary had a vision for the Carmelite Order. It is to make a new Mount Carmel in the Rocky Mountains by transforming the small brotherhood of 13 monks living in a small home used as a makeshift rectory into a 500-acre monastery that would include accommodations for 30 monks, a Gothic church, a convent for Carmelite nuns, a retreat center for lay visitors,…...
CoffeeCompetitive AdvantageSalesStrategy
Coffee War: Starbucks vs McCafe
Words • 2382
Pages • 10
Starbucks Was established in the year 1971 by a local high quality coffee beans businessmen. In 1981, Howard Schultz are the one who responsible to give the coffee store as Starbucks where then he focusing on providing people the more higher quality coffee and to achieve different sort of product innovation, retail expansion to be a long-term kind of business. The first store of Starbucks were open in Seatlle located at Washington D.C and after that they have expanding their…...
CoffeeCompetitive AdvantageStarbucks
Southwest Airlines: Major Airline
Words • 920
Pages • 4
Southwest Airlines was created in March 1967. The idea that resulted in Southwest's achievement was to get travelers to their destinations on time, at the minimum conceivable Prices, and while also upholding customer loyalty. Southwest Airlines is the major airline, in terms of the number of travelers each year, in the United States. Southwest employs ticketless methods and a recurrent flier program that contrasts with other airlines. Southwest has low operational expenses, high effectiveness, and award-winning help desk. Chairman Kelleher…...
AirlineCompetitive AdvantageEconomySouthwest Airlines
Continuous Improvement Concept
Words • 1959
Pages • 8
Executive Report Group was assigned with the Aldi case study for the Marketing Management assessment. I was assigned with the role of Group Leader by the members and also trusted with the work for the PowerPoint presentation slides as I stated that I have the proper knowledge. The role of the leader was taken seriously and I starting setting the meeting conditions and proposed and delegated the individual research subjects related to our group case study. The individual research I…...
Competitive AdvantageImproveManagementResearch
Brand Management Mid Term Study Guide
Words • 275
Pages • 2
The exam will have a mix of multiple-choice questions and short answers, with a higher total number of points for short answer questions. NOTE: Anything and everything covered in class (through lectures, discussion, articles, activities, etc. ) and/or posted on Blackboard, are potential exam material. The topics listed below can be used as a Study Guide. However, from an exam point of view, that does NOT preclude the other material covered in class. Introduction to Basic Issues: defining a brand;…...
BrandsCompetitive AdvantageInnovationManagement
Cirque Du Soleil’s Competitive Advantage
Words • 50
Pages • 1
A: Strengths: Every show in 20 years has produced a profit, encourages creativity, niche, financially strong, well known, great marketing, technology, database of 20,000 potential employees, shows have a long run (10 to 12 years), talent scouts recruit from all over the world, creative, leadership. Creative production staff. Great locations. Excellent leadership. (more…)...
Competitive AdvantageLeadershipMarketing
Exxon Mobil Resources and Capabilities
Words • 1667
Pages • 7
Mobile is one of the most successful companies in the oil and energy industries today. But what makes them so successful? In an effort to answer this question, a thorough internal investigation can be helpful in determining what aspects of this company are making it an industry leader. Two aspects of this internal analysis of Exxon Mobile are the company’s resources and capabilities. Resources One of the most reputable resources that Exxon Mobil has today is a strong brand name.…...
CompetitionCompetitive AdvantageInnovationResearchResources
Herman Miller Business Strategy
Words • 497
Pages • 2
Herman Miller Inc History Herman Miller’s roots go back to 1905 and the Star Furniture Company, a manufacturer of traditional-style bedroom suites in Zeeland, Michigan. In 1909 the company was renamed Michigan Star Furniture Company and hired Dirk Jan De Pree as a clerk. De Pree became president in 1919 and four years later convinced his father-in-law, Herman Miller, to purchase the majority of shares; De Pree renamed the company Herman Miller Furniture Company in recognition of Miller’s support. Herman…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageManagementManufacturingStrategy
How Hr Impacts a Company Performance
Words • 1471
Pages • 6
Human Capital is the most important resource for an organisation to succeed. The quality of the human resource and the work performance directly impact an organisation’s performance. Thus, human resource management plays an important role to ensure the efficiency in an organisation’s daily operations via efficient recruitment, training and development, and staff retention. Besides, efficient human resource management may create competitive advantage to an organisation. There are various theories explained how human resource management impacts an organisation’s performance. This essay…...
BehaviorCompanyCompetitive AdvantageHuman Resource ManagementMotivationReinforcement
Strategic Analysis Canon
Words • 2312
Pages • 10
Evaluation of Canon Strategic approach to management             Each industry has different factors that affect their operations, performance, competitive advantage, marketability or even their profitability (Lynch, 2003). Thus, the management of this firm should be able to determine the most appropriate and suitable strategic approach to management so as to stay in the c competitive market. Specifically, the main goal of this approach is to investigate the strategic management utilize or considered by Canon and the strategic changes which they…...
BusinessBusiness ManagementBusiness SuccessCompanyCompetitive AdvantageCorporate governance
Pepsico’s Corporate Review Vision and Mission Statement Report
Words • 2392
Pages • 10
“PepsiCo’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate-environment, social, economic-creating a better tomorrow than today. Our vision is put into action through programs and a focus on environmental stewardship, activities to benefit society, and a commitment to build shareholder value by making PepsiCo a truly sustainable company.” (i) Shortcoming matrix of current vision statement “PepsiCo’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate-environment, social, economic-creating a better…...
Competitive AdvantageEmploymentFoodMissionMission StatementPepsi
Corporate Strategy in Zara Management
Words • 1183
Pages • 5
The core concept of Zara's business model is they sell "medium quality fashion clothing at affordable prices", and vertical integration and quick-response is key to Zara's business model. Through the entire process of Zara's business system: designing, sourcing and manufacturing, distribution and retailing, they presented four fundamental success factors: short cycle time, small batches per product, extensive variety of product every season and heavy investment in information and communication technology. These four elements are involved in every aspect of the…...
BusinessCommunicationCompetitive AdvantageInventoryManagementOutsourcing
Eastwind Trading Company
Words • 755
Pages • 4
The potential opportunity and long term sustainability of Eastwind Trading Company lies in the uniqueness of their product. The Swanson pearls are the only remaining collection of handmade freshwater pearl buttons in the world. The amount is limited and cannot be easily duplicated due to current environmental condition. Therefore, the fact that no one else carries these types of buttons is the main competitive advantage the Eastwinds Trading Company posses. This exclusiveness, however, can also result in the company’s weakness:…...
BankCompanyCompetitive AdvantageLoan
Marketing Warfare in the Zimbabwean Mobile Sector
Words • 3581
Pages • 15
Introduction The concept that marketing is warfare can be said to be largely true in respect of the Zimbabwean mobile sector where players have drawn lessons from established battlefield concepts of planning, maneuvering and outwitting fellow players in order to stay ahead of the pack. However the marketing is warfare concept does not adequately charectirise the competitive nature of the mobile industry as there are other factors to be taken into consideration such as customer needs. The mobile sector was…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageMarketing
Resources and Capibilities of Toyota
Words • 2913
Pages • 12
The purpose of this essay is to apply the resource based view to critically analyse how Toyota use their resources and capabilities to establish core competences, sustain competitive advantage and achieve their corporate strategy. Toyota Industries Corporation was established on November 18th 1926. Their business industries include; Manufacture and sales of textile machinery, automobiles, materials handling equipment and logistics ( For the purpose of this essay however, the automobile industry is the key focus with specific attention given to the…...
CompetitionCompetitive AdvantageInventoryResourcesSupply Chain ManagementToyota
Sony Ericsson Innovations in Business Management
Words • 2172
Pages • 9
The Sony Ericsson joint venture is a case study that can be used to explore key international business strategies and concepts. Sony & Ericsson’s motivations behind the joint venture (JV) The Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson, one of the “Big Three” mobile handset manufacturers in the 1990s, started to reach difficulty as it entered the new millennium. In 2001, Ericsson’s sales dropped by 52%, recording a $1.39 billion loss which preceded an announcement that would lay off 20% of their workforce.…...
Business ManagementCompetitive AdvantageInnovationNokiaSony
Strategic Management Process: Ocean Park Hong Kong
Words • 3547
Pages • 15
Introduction Ocean Park is considered as a major attraction in Hong Kong, the luminous pearl of the Orient and known as the financial center of Southeast China. It is located on the south end of Hong Kong Island. The larger two sections are located on the headlands of Mount Nanlang, while the smaller section is located in the Huang Zhu Keng Valley lowlands. It is considered as one of the largest ocean in the world, having an area of 170…...
Amusement ParkCompetitionCompetitive AdvantageHong KongOceanPark
Starbucks – Marketing Strategies
Words • 4793
Pages • 20
Starbucks, as we see today was not there from the very beginning. Starbucks has the very humble start when three coffee fanatics, Gerald Baldwin, Gordon bowker , and Ziev siegl, - opened a small coffee shop in Seattle's pike place market. Starbucks Corporation is an American global coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 20,366 stores in 61 countries, including 13,123 in the United States, 1,299 in Canada,…...
CoffeeCompetitive AdvantageDrinkMarketingStarbucks
Huawei’s Core Competencies
Words • 2562
Pages • 11
Facing the China’s Telecom Equipment industry double-digit grow and becoming the largest telecom market in the world, all leading firms in each subsectors of Global telecom equipment take this opportunity to invest in china. Huawei, a Chinese challenge, was starting its challenge to Cisco insurmountable leadership position in international telecom equipment industry. Besides, to succeed its challenge Cisco in this industry, Huawei’s needed to show it pin-point company strategy on its capabilities and core competencies, generic competitive strategy framework and…...
Advanced TechnologyBusinessCompanyCompetitionCompetitive AdvantageInnovation
The Nature of the Planning Process
Words • 4595
Pages • 19
The Nature of the Planning Process: Planning is a process that managers use to identify and select appropriate goals and courses of action for an organization. The cluster of decisions and actions that managers take to help an organization attain its goals is its strategy. Thus, planning is both a goal-making and a strategy-making process. Planning is a three-step activity: 1)Determining the organization’s mission and goals: A mission statement is a broad declaration of an organization’s purpose that identifies the…...
Competitive AdvantageNatureOrganizationPlanningSwot Analysis
Head Ski Case
Words • 778
Pages • 4
The best indicators to examine whether Head Ski had the competitive benefit in the ski industry would be to look at revenue ratios and compare them to competitors, which will permit us to evaluate whether Head Ski has above typical revenues. The very best ratios to take a look at are: return on assets, return on sales as compared to other ski companies that offer expensive skies, and return on equity, integrated with numbers that show how much Head Ski…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageCustomerMarketingSalesSkiing
Operations Management assignment
Words • 2209
Pages • 9
Supply chain management is the coordination of the processes and functions within a business, adopted by most companies in the UK in the late 1990’s. It deals with the internal and external factors that, when dealt with correctly and systematically, can determine a businesses success or failure. A supply chain is the network of activities that delivers a finished product service to the customer. By definition, supply chain management (SCM) is “the management of the flows of materials from suppliers…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageDellManagementSupply Chain Management
Total Quality Management (TQM) in Organizations
Words • 2989
Pages • 12
Firstly, I would like to give few definitions of total quality management (TQM) in order to get a better understanding in this topic. Different authors have given various definitions of TQM. As defined by ISO, TQM is a management approach of an organization, centered on quality, based on the participation of all its members and aiming at long-term success through customer satisfaction, and benefits to all members of the organization and to society. According to Dr.Vadim Kotelnikov, TQM refers to…...
AutomationBusinessCompetitive AdvantageManagementOperating SystemOrganization
IKEA: Strategic Planning Analysis
Words • 961
Pages • 4
IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. IKEA is a home furnishings merchant unlike any other. It was established on the basis of low cost and it uses contemporary and trendy furniture for all types of people at budget-friendly prices. IKEA's unique way of shopping, store design, and diy method continues to help preserve their popularity. 1)Given the SWOT analysis presented in the event, what are IKEA's essential competitive advantages? What strategic focus should the company take…...
Competitive AdvantageIkeaPlanningShoppingStrategic Planning
Macro Environmental Factors
Words • 1447
Pages • 6
Lancaster (2011) defines the macro environment as ’those global elements over which the organization has no control over but which affect the organization’s ability to serve its customers profitably.’ There are six major macro environment forces: cultural, demographic, economic, natural, political, and technological. The cultural environment includes institutions and other forces that affect the basic values, behaviours, and preferences of the society-all of which have an effect on consumer marketing decisions. The demographic environment includes the study of human populations…...
BehaviorCompetitive AdvantageEnvironmentGlobalizationMarketingOrganization
KFC – Marketing Strategy
Words • 5370
Pages • 22
The purpose of this paper is to critically evaluate the marketing strategies of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). The researcher will analyze how the organization creates superior value and builds strong relationship to capture value from customers in return. The paper explores facts for building and maintaining profitable customer relationship by delivering superior value and satisfaction. The researcher is going to investigate the social obligations of the company to observe the impact organizational policies on the environment, community, health of the consumer…...
Competitive AdvantageKfcMarket SegmentationMarketingStrategyTarget Market
Growth Strategy Analysis Of Samsung
Words • 1585
Pages • 7
INTRO. The Samsung Group is a multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. It is the world's largest corporation by earnings with annual profits of US$ 173.4 billion in 2008 and is South Korea's largest chaebol. The significance of the Korean word Samsung is "TriStar" or "3 stars". As stated in its brand-new motto, Samsung Electronic devices' vision for the brand-new decade is, "Inspire the World, Create the Future." This new vision shows Samsung Electronic devices' commitment…...
Competitive AdvantageInnovationManufacturingOutsourcingSamsungStrategy
Strategic Analysis of Marks & Spencer
Words • 2233
Pages • 9
INTRODUCTION M&S Plc is one of the popular British retailers with its headquarters situated in UK in Westminster. The branch stores set up across 42 countries with about 365 branches in UK alone, focus on two major lines of product, exclusive clothes and quality food stuff. M&S is also known as Marks and Spencer, Marks and Sparks. The Founders of the company were Michael Marks AND Thomas Spencer in Leeds, establishing the system in 1884. Currently over 20 million people…...
BusinessCompetitive AdvantageMarks and SpencerMonopolyPrice
Description and Swot Analysis of LVMH
Words • 1828
Pages • 8
LVMH’s diversification represents the group’s strong presence in the luxury goods market as a whole with products from the fashion and leather range, wines and spirits range, watches and jewelry range, perfumes and cosmetics range, and finally the selective retailing range. This strategy aims to claim market share in market segments that are interrelated with the specific customer segment as the common denominator. LVMH is a market leader in some markets and has a decent market share in others and…...
Competitive AdvantageEconomyLuxury GoodsMarketingSwot Analysis
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Words • 642
Pages • 3
A sustainable competitive advantage occurs when an organization acquires or develops an attribute or combination of attributes that allows it to outperform its competitors. These attributes can include access to natural resources or access to highly trained and skilled personnel human resources. It is an advantage (over the competition), and must have some life; the competition must not be able to do it right away, or it is not sustainable. It is an advantage that is not easily copied and,…...
BusinessCompetitive Advantage
The Marketing strategy of Toyota in China market
Words • 5120
Pages • 21
1.0 Title of the Project The investigation marketting strategics of Toyota in China. 2.0 Objectives of the Projects The objective of the project in the following. • In the international market, Toyota's facing the external environment • The face of Chinese customers, Toyota has taken what kind of marketing strategy • The strategy for the economic benefits of TOYOTA And the sub-objectives of the report are giving as follows: ➢ The use of SPELT analysis of the external environment faced…...
ChinaCompetitive AdvantageMarketingRecyclingStrategyToyota
Case Study in Whole
Words • 2749
Pages • 11
This is a case about the difficulties an established company needs to face when a new technology produces disruptive impacts on its core service. The case then offers an example of core abilities that become outdated with the entry of brand-new technologies that need new resources and capabilities. Broad theoretical concerns that must be considered when preparing this case:? How can a fully grown, successful firm survive a disruptive innovation?? How can are new abilities built and which ones of…...
Case StudyCompetitive AdvantageIkea
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How Hr Impacts a Company Performance
...Increase Work Efficiency Work efficiency can be achieved if the employees are proficient in their role. It creates higher chance to prone to errors and finally it increases the company’s performance in various areas. 3. 1. 2 Create Professional Ima...
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