Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage
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In an age where industrialization is at its peak and the market is open and fair for companies, competitive advantage is what keeps most manufacturers and service providers in business.  A business must posses something that appeals to the consumers in order to enjoy their patronage. This could be in the form of price advantage, brand advantage, after sale advantage or customer relations. In Professor Hao Ma’s article titled, “Leaders Beware: Some Sure Ways to Lose Your Competitive Advantage”, he…...
Keys to Sustainable Competitive Advantage
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Develop an appropriate pitch applying key principles that achieve a sustainable competitive edge. Pitching Definition If someone is pitching for something, they are trying to persuade other people to give it to them. Point out your business idea. To put, set, or plant in a fixed or definite place or position. Key principle to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Establish Brand Loyalty Customers will often remain with a brand they have loyalty towards, even though the company does not offer the…...
Cirque Du Soleil’s Competitive Advantage
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A: Strengths: Every show in 20 years has produced a profit, encourages creativity, niche, financially strong, well known, great marketing, technology, database of 20,000 potential employees, shows have a long run (10 to 12 years), talent scouts recruit from all over the world, creative, leadership. Creative production staff. Great locations. Excellent leadership. (more…)...
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Sustainable Competitive Advantage
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A sustainable competitive advantage occurs when an organization acquires or develops an attribute or combination of attributes that allows it to outperform its competitors. These attributes can include access to natural resources or access to highly trained and skilled personnel human resources. It is an advantage (over the competition), and must have some life; the competition must not be able to do it right away, or it is not sustainable. It is an advantage that is not easily copied and,…...
Logitech Case analysis
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Logitech is an innovative global provider for several technological accessories and peripherals. Logitech become incorporated in the early 1980’s and nearly three decades later it had roughly 40% of the market share in arenas such as Mice, Webcam, and Remotes. In order to fully understand Logitech’s success it is important to understand their strategy for growing but also their strategy for the issues they have faced. And ultimately deciding what will be their competitive advantage in the future. In order…...
The Haier Group’s Competitive Advantage(s)
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What competitive advantage(s) do you think Haier Group has? What competitive strategy does the company appear to be following? Explain your choices. The Haier Group has a great benefits of been having some competitive advantages, among them continuous innovation played an important role in their success. The Haier Group’s slogan is “Continuous innovation is the soul of Haier’s corporate culture”. Other than that, the competitive advantages include strong brand recognition in China. Haier Group now ranked as the country third…...
Yahoo and Amazon: Competitive Advantage
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Amazon and Yahoo are both internet based business that are customer service driven. The two companies were started based on an idea to make internet use easier by helping users find what they are looking for. Amazon started with helping users find books and Yahoo started with the purpose of helping users find information through assisting them to find websites easier. Jeff Bezos started Amazon out of his garage after growing weary of working for Wall Street in 1995. Bezos…...
How Competitors Affect Competitive Advantage of Pepsi
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Pepsi is one of the world’s top carbonated drink company established in 1893. Today it has grown into a multibillion company which produces some of the most popular soft drinks, cereals and franchise eateries (Our History 2011). But Pepsi, like most of the other companies is unable to escape competitors in their general task environment who directly affect their competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is the advantage a company or product has over other companies in terms better attributes such as…...
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How Competitors Affect Competitive Advantage of Pepsi

...The Rivalry on Various Fronts. 2001. The Coke Pepsi Rivalry. Waddell, Dianne, Gareth R. Jones, and Jeniffer M. George. ...