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Competition is Good for Success

Competition, the activity or condition of competing. Some people do things in life for competition but on the other hand other people do things just for fun. Competition can be so difficult at times but you will always figure it out. Competition can get you through so many things. You might be thinking competition is the best thing in the world but guess what its not. I mean yeah you can get credit for what you did or what ever but competition comes with risks.

Not all the time of course but it does come with them. Sometimes you can do anything without risk. Without risks it very unlikely but possible.

Being in competition is very intimidating. A lot of pressure can be on you. Maybe the person or group.many people do things such as playing basketball to compete with the other team to prove which team is better. who ever wins the game everyone thinks oh this team is better than this team.

Sometimes one team is doing it for the competition while the other team is doing it just for fun. When people play just for fun (basketball for example) they are just playing because they want to run around and play with friends. They don’t care if they win or not they just want to have fun. At this point I’m against competition because me personally think it’s stupid. kids at school go and do things just to see who is better at what like it doesn’t matter you can play basketball if you are just plain trash at it as long as you are having fun.

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Kids at school do competition a lot!. For example football. This sport comes with a lot of risks such as getting hurt. When you get hurt in a sport it looks pretty bad from my point of view. Most people get like a broken arm because somebody ran over them with those hard running shoes. People do really crazy unbelievable things for competition and for winning. However competition can be very fun. Competition can have a lot of ups and downs. Always going to make it through though.

Let’s use sports for an example. People play sports such as basketball, Baseball, and football.they play sports for two reasons, to win or to have fun. Competition can can teach students to work hard. Today students play sports just because it’s “fun” most of the time they just do competition because if their friends are doing it. Competition has very many ups and downs but it’s very important to people around the county.

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