Competency Statement Essay

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Competency Statement

There are many significant attributes of children’s lives including, physical and intellectual competence. Although children learn at a different pace than one another, once they start to age their physical and intellectual skills increase. No child is considered “smarter” because he or she might be more advance in one area than another child. Every learning skill that children are grasping on a daily basis has room for improvement. IIaI chose ice skating as creativity for one of the nine learning experiences. Not only is ice skating a fun activity but it also helps with physical development of the child.

Ice skating increases lower body strength by working the muscles in the legs. When learning how to ice skate you are actually teaching how to balance yourself. In this day age, children aren’t as physically active as before in previous generations and by doing an ice skating activity it could lead a child to a lifelong sport. IIbAnother one of my nine learning experiences I chose for my resource collection is language and literacy. The goal is to pronounce 3 letter “at” words such as cat, bat, hat using flash cards, letter pronunciation CD Rom, and bingo board and chips.

This activity helps with cognitive development by knowing the sound awareness of the letters and reasoning on what letter you would pronounce first, second, and third. IIcMaking beaded bracelets with colored beads and string is a fine motor skill which teaches hand and eye coordination. I decided to make colorful bracelets with elbow macaroni noodles because not only is it a fine motor skill but it is creative as well. Using noodles instead of beads teaches my students that there are alternatives when you don’t have the original material.

My students get creative by painting the noodles different colors and decorating them with glitter and rhinestones. You could also use other noodles to give your bracelets a different shape or size. Ziti, penne, rotelle, and rigatoni are other styles of noodles that could be used to make your own personal pasta jewelry. I give my children options because it helps to express their creative side and how they view their imagination. IIdProper communication is important when it comes to language development. You have to use more than one communication strategy to promote language development.

Some of the ways I teach to help language development children from baby to adolescent can learn from. I always talk clearly and not too fast, I think that is the one thing you should always do when trying to develop better language skills. If you talk to your students with scrambled words then they won’t be able to comprehend on what’s being said. I also read books and point to the pictures with my children asking “what do they see” or “what is happening” in the book so I can not only see if their paying attention, but to see if how they are pronouncing pictures shown on the page.

Music CD’s also helps with language development. I sing songs with my students, getting them to use as many words as possible mastering one word at a time. There is one bilingual child in my classroom and English is his second language. Since English is his second language make sure that I talk to him clearly and use flash cards with pictures. I also spark up conversations with him about his interests and home life so there is a sufficient amount of the English language being used to help the growth of his language development.

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