Competency Statement Essay

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Competency Statement

To maintain a commitment to professionalism, I believe in creating an environment of excellence with colleagues, students, parents and our community. I am committed to bring the best service to each individual by learning and respecting their cultural backgrounds. I will create age appropriate lesson by keeping in mind of each individual child needs. I maintain confidentiality by good record keeping, not sharing sensitive information but keeping families conversation private and only share with appropriate staff.

I informed every parent that I am a mandated reporter and follow the state policy in reporting any child abuse or neglect. I provide current information for emergency services, and other resources of organizations that provide support for our families. My personal goals are to continue to grow by attending professional development courses to expand my knowledge in early childhood development best practices. CS VI a I became an early childhood professional do to the long history of educators in my family. My belief is that education is not only the key to expanding my knowledge and it creates better opportunities to self and community

I believe my most important indicators of professionalism I posses are arriving early to work to prepare materials and ensuring that everything is in place for student’s arrival. I collaborate with my peer in planning of most skills using a daily routine. We discuss students’ goals and achievements and I make recommendations for future interventions. In my opinion, my ability to reach each learner brings about desired outcomes of student engagement. I have a high sense of efficacy and a passion for teaching. Therefore, I am constantly searching for best practices to implement in my classroom. I am willing to take more risks, set higher standards for myself and my students and provide the potential for higher academic gains among my students.

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