Competency Statement Essay

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Competency Statement

To ensure a well-run, purposeful program that is responsive to participant needs To ensure a well-run, purposeful program that is responsive to participant needs, there are many standards I exercise within my classroom. My teaching practices include following a pre-set calendar populated with planned activities. It is important to have a plan for each day so that we can transition the children easily from one event to another. Children react better to their schedule when they know what to expect and have a sense of control over their routine. I also believe it is important for the families to know what to expect each day. My calendar includes activities that contribute to both short term and long term goals that apply to the class as a whole as well as to each individual child. My co-teacher and I are cooperative workers by sticking to a routine while remaining flexible to the needs of our classroom and students. We also share ideas, listen to one another, express opinions in a respectful manner, and welcome suggestions and ideas from the rest of our co-workers.

I am also a competent organizer through keeping accurate records, family information, and forms in a readily available filing system in my classroom. I make daily notes on each child to be able to correctly communicate with parents about their child’s day. I also keep student files up to date with medical information, emergency contacts, family dynamic information, and assessments of ability. Assessments through observations and documentation are an integral part of program management. By documenting anything noteworthy, I am able to keep clear and accurate records. If I am ever questioned by a parent, I can recount a clear memory using notes I have written in the moment. On a serious note, documenting everything, especially incidents and accidents, can help protect me and my school legally.

It is very important to be an effective communicator to co-workers, administration, and families, and observations and documentation assist in correct messages. By keeping accurate records, I am also able to evaluate my students and create appropriate lesson plans for them that will meet their needs and help them grow academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. I am able to see their development as well as any regression or stalling in their achievements. I am ensuring that I am accurately and objectively observing and tracking each child’s developmental and learning progress by observing my co-teacher assess their abilities in a natural environment and taking notes.

I also take pictures to add to their portfolios, not only for further documentation, but also for the parents to be able to see their child in the moment. In addition to pictures, I also add accomplished work to their portfolios including completed projects and formal assessments I have conducted throughout the school year. By practicing accurate record keeping, I am further able to have tangible evidence for discussion during parent teacher conferences.

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