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Competency Statement Essay


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To maintain a commitment to professionalism by conducting myself in a professional manner at all times. Every day I get to be part of all my students and their families lives and I hope to influence them with positive attitude, great energy and provide them with knowledge that they can use as building blocks for their future education .I have an understanding of my job expectations and every day I make decisions based on knowledge about age appropriate early childhood practices.

CSVI a – The reason I chose to become an early childhood professional is because I like to be part of the learning process and see how the children benefit from the program we provide. I believe that early education is very important for children and I take a great pride in the work I do every day. With my art education and ability to be very creative, I am able to use it in my classroom and create artistic wall displays, bulletin boards, interesting art projects, and colorful teaching tools for the children in our program.

Every day we provide them with paint , paintbrushes ,crayons, scissors ,glues, colorful papers and many more craft supplies and they go to create their own very special piece of art.

This is one of many activities in the classroom that helps them to develop variety of different skills they need for everyday life and I get to be part of it. I understand that as their teacher I am a big influence on them and every moment of the time they spend in the school and I provide them with loving and positive environment. Every day, while they are away from their families, they get to spend a day filled with learning carefully planned fun activities, and I am very happy to be a part of that. At the end of every school year I’m pleased to see all of our students to move on to the next level of their education and I’m proud that I was able to help them learn basic skills and prepare them socially and emotionally for next step in life. I am lucky I picked profession I truly love. CSVI b – The most important indicators of professionalism that I possess are the ability to continue to educate myself about the age appropriate way to teach children and be able to incorporate it to our program every day. The knowledge about child development and early childhood education keeps changing over the years and I believe all teachers have to continue to educate themselves about new ways to teach children in our care.

Over the past seven years I have been assisting a wonderful teacher who was older and had been using the early childhood education practices she has learned thirty years ago. Last year our pre-school went through big change and we started using the Creative Curriculum which was not familiar to us at all. We have been working very hard on the new of way using age-appropriate, early childhood practices. It has been great experience for me to learn the new techniques to teach children their basic skills every day, and I get very excited to come up with new and fun ways for them to learn. Every year in the summer I attend many different workshops and trainings that help my professional growth. Another important indicator of professionalism that I posses is to conduct myself in a professional manner. Every single day I arrive at work on time, with a positive attitude, smile on my face and dressed appropriately for the responsibilities I have. I have an understanding that I represent our school and I have to use good judgment when making decisions that affect children in our pre-schools.

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