Competency Goal Essay

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Competency Goal

It is important to start off on the right foot with prospective families. I answer any questions they have and I explain the highlights of the program. I either mail or give them a copy of the parent’s handbook. When a child is enrolled in the program I have the parent complete all the necessary paperwork such as; medical and emergency contact forms. I tell the parent the arrival and departure time and when the fees are due. I make sure the child’s name is on their cubby and the sign in sheet the first day of school.

I also let the parent know they can stay with the child the first day if they want to. I invite parent to participate in the program activities by asking them to read, sing, play, do art work, or talk to the children in class. Parents are invited on trips they are also asked to suggest trips or activities we can do. If a child has a problem I talk to the parent so we can come up with an idea together to help the child. I often tell parents how good their child is doing.

If I have to remind parents about and up and coming trip, meeting or an activity I will post a note by the sign in desk. I email, sent notes home, or text parent information about their child. Twice a year I have a conference with the parent and we have family meeting at the center. I let parents know any time they need to speak to me about their child I am available. I will give out information and pamphlets on parenting, learning activities, and interesting places to take their children, events, nutrition and other information.

If a parent is interested in receiving special education services for a child that needs Relates Services or needs a Special Education Program I will tell the parent about the CPSE referral process. Either the center will submit a school referral or the parent will do a parent referral. I have squeeze balls in the classroom that a child can use if they need OT/PT. I let the parent know what I am doing and we can exchange information. For example the parent may tell me about an exercise the child is doing at home that I can have him do in class.

If the parent doesn’t realize the child has a problem I will ask them to observe the child in class and point out what I notice. Usually the parent appreciates the help. I make up a questionnaire for the parents so they can let me know how well they think their child is doing. How well they think I am doing as the child teacher and any suggestions they may have overall about the program. I ask them the times they are available to help out at the center.

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