Competencies and Career Interests Essay

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Competencies and Career Interests

In today’s work environments, it’s important to be self-reliant and capable of certain skills needed to be successful. The assessment allowed me to see the areas of strength in my character. I am confident that I am able to set goals and create a vision of the ideal job environment for me. My aim is always to align my individual goals with organization goals. I accept that the future is always changing and requires a re-assessment of my career goals. My assessment explains my ability to adhere to values. I am aware of my value and personal strengths and abilities. Following instructions and coping with pressures were top on my list from the assessment.

Pressure allows us to discover what we are made of and how we will deal with situations. Some people deal with pressure by avoiding it altogether. I do my best to speak up and be honest. Knowing this is my strength helps me to communicate effectively with my co-workers. I like taking the initiative to resolve problems quick and peacefully. Delivering Results is a huge component to my assessment. I thrive on knowing someone is depended on be to deliver the results. I’m a hard worker; I enjoy being innovative and finding creative solutions that are out of the box.

My ability to cope under major pressures is a great asset to evaluating arguments. I am less emotional and more logical in handling the details and facts. I am aware of the fallacies out there that may create a problem for a work team. The first lesson is to be much disciplined in what you do and to plan very well. Planning your day at the start can add clarity and amount to great time savings as you know exactly what to do each day and have targets along the way.

If you meet your daily targets there is no need to panic. The second lesson is to learn that you cannot be responsible for other people, and you need to learn to let the worrying about other people meeting their deadlines in time go. Sure you need them to hit theirs so you can carry on, but you cannot bear the weight of the whole world on your shoulders. This will avoid a lot of arguments and tension.

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