Competence in own work role

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Understand what is required for competence in own work role 1. As a team leader on the unit I am responsible for caring for 10 service users. I am also responsible for 4 staff member that work with me. I help service users with their daily needs, which include personal care, nutritional needs, pressure area care, mobility and daily living. I always treat clients with the dignity and respect that I would expect. Service users are offered choices e.g. In what they would like to wear or what time they would wish to get up.

Staff work and communicate closely with nurses in ensuring all service users needs are met which are individual to them.

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Part of my daily duties includes completing daily records on all service users that I care for. I ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times. I also communicate and relate well to family and friends of service users, so if problems arise they can be discussed and dealt with appropriately.

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2. In my own work role I am expected to follow codes of practice and rules and regulations in the care that I give service users. I can communicate in an appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward way when dealing with staff, service users and family.

I am expected to be trustworthy and honest in my working role. I understand the importance of confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information and can explain agency policies to service users and carers. I understand the importance of keeping service users safe from harm from themselves or others.

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I understand the importance of being reliable and dependable in my role as team leader. I always practice a high quality standard of care when dealing with service users.

Outcome 2. Be able to reflect on practice

1. Reflective practice is seen as a method of reviewing work methods to make appropriate changes in the quality of care we give. Learning from experiences that we encounter and applying them in the future. When caring for service users, not all their needs will be the same, nor will every day be the same. Using mistakes in a positive way, so as u can learn and reflect from them. 3. As individuals we all have different beliefs, values and opinions. These will not be the same for everyone.

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Competence in own work role

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