Compering Little League and Fly High Songs

This essay will be comparing two different songs to see their differences and similarities. These songs are similar in the sense that they are both about life and growing up. Despite this, the two songs still have many differences not just lyrical wise but with sound and mood. I am comparing the song Little League by Conan Gray with the song Fly High by Burnout Syndromes. Fky High is orginally a japanese song that has been translated into English. I will be talking about the meaning of the songs, lyrics, sound, and mood.

To start with, I will be talking about the meaning of the two songs. Little League is about the fear of growing up, missing times when life was simple, and the artist’s best friend. The song talks about nostalgia and simpler times while the artist, Conan, reminisces about his past and longing to be young again. Fly High is about never giving up and believing in yourself.

This song talks about following your dreams as well as not giving up because of people’s words. The song also talks about growing up, realizing your strength, and how much of an impact teamwork can have on your life.

I will now talk about the mood of both songs. The mood of Little League is sad, gloomy, and remincent but also happy in the sense of remembring memories. The song is also nostalgic and gives you a calm feeling. The mood of Fly High is completely opposite. Fly high is upbeat, happy, inspirational, and overall just gives positive vibes.

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The song is a little whymsical as well as cheerful. The song is also lighthearted and gives hope to the reader.

Next, is sound and instruments used in both songs. You can very clearly hear all the instruments used in both Fly High and Little League. Both songs are upbeat starting first with a slow beat and then working its way up to a more upbeat sound. In Fly High, you can hear drums, piano and maybe a bass guitar. Little League is a slower songs, therefore it needs softer sounding instruments. In this song, I can hear a keyboard, bass guitar, drums, and a couple techno sounding beats.

Last but not least is lyrics. Both artists have done an amazing job of creating lyrics that truly make you think hard about what’s being said. The lyrics in both songs are deep and make you feel what the artist feels. Due to the songs having different meanings and beats, the lyrics are also quite different. ‘But, lately I’ve been feeling strange. And everybody’s telling me to act my age. I never thought that everything I had, would fade away’ is an example of a lyric in Little League. ‘Gonna fly high, spread your wings and leap into the sky. Leave all your worries behind, you can make it, make it come on. You’re gonna fly, fly high. Soar into the distant sky’ is an example of lyrics in Fly High. As you can see. The lyrics are complete opposites. One talks about losing everything he once had and everything being different now he has grown up while the other talks about not giving and being your best.

To conclude, the songs Little League and Fly High have similar but different meanings. Their sounds, moods, and lyrics are very different however they are both amazing songs. Both songs have amazing meanings and the artists did an amzing job of getting their points across.

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