Compensation and Benefit Plan Essay

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Compensation and Benefit Plan

I would like to confirm our offer of employment to you for the Custodian III by the Flint Community Schools Systems, Inc. (The “Company”) In Flint, Michigan. The purpose of this letter is to summarize the terms and conditions that will apply in your new position if you accept this offer. This letter does not constitute an employment contract and does not guarantee you any Length of employment with the company. Your employment will be governed by the Company’s current policies and procedures. I am available to discuss the terms and conditions of this letter with you in full detail.


You will be employed in Flint, Michigan, Custodian III reporting to Custodial Engineering & Operations Department. Your start date is contingent upon the successful Completion of reference checks, medical clearance, and proof of identity and employment eligibility. In addition, this offer is contingent upon you signing and returning this letter, indicating your acceptance of the terms of our offer, within 5 days of your receipt of this letter.

Job Description:

The responsibilities of the position of custodian for the organization are: To maintain a clean, safe, and operational building for students, parents, teachers, and other employees of the district. Follow verbal and written instructions, including but not limited to schedules, work orders, product labels, and chemical mixing continuously. Secures building when leaving or assigns responsibility to other building officials or designated personal. Report items that are in need of repair throughout building on a daily basis. Follows written work schedules and recommendation for job improvement at all times Follows established or recommended safety procedures in the performance of the job at all times protects school property against fire, theft and illegal entry whenever possible. To perform this job successfully an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily. The essential functions listed are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/ or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Wage requirements for custodian 3
* Associate degree
* 5 years’ experience


Your salary will be reviewed periodically by the Company, to ensure that you are compensated in a manner that is consistent with applicable human resource policies and market dynamics. Your annual base salary will be $ 37,440, excluding any bonuses or allowances specifically.

Salary Range

* Average = $29,655
* Your Percentile = 67%

Annual Bonus
Bonus Range

* Average = $672


You will receive an annual bonus totaling $672. The payments totaling this amount are subject to the financial health of the company. You must be employed at the time the payments are due to receive them.

This is a proposal on a compensation and benefit plan that will hopefully meet the needs of both the custodians who are employees of the Flint Community Schools, in Michigan as well as the organization itself. The proposal is designed to bring awareness for the need to bring the average salary level in the city of flint closer to the Michigan salary level which is 5,544.00 higher than the average salary level in the city of Flint.


Core CompensationMedian% of Total
Base Salary$28,54064.5%
Value of Benefits
Social Security$2,2075.0%
Time off$3,5508.0%
Total Compensation$44,256!00%
Based on national averages (

In conclusion, after reviewing two web site’s that summarize compensation and benefits plans consistent with the job analysis of a custodian we came up with an annual salary for a Flint, Michigan custodian at $37,440. We justified this decision on a few things. The U.S. National average is $46,742, the Michigan average is $44,438, and the Flint average is $38,894. It is our proposal to bring up the custodian’s pay to the Michigan average for custodians. The custodian would make $18 dollars an hour, time 40 hours and week, times 52 weeks a year. This is a senior custodian who is paid for vacation. This works out to $37,440. The custodian would be a little higher than the other percentile bracket in what custodian’s make. We are offering this salary consistent with average pay in Flint, MI for your skills and experience. Obstacles include outsourcing, temporary workers, or state funding being denied due to lack of funding.

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