A comparison of two coffee adverts

The coffee advert has two slogans to help make the product more memorable first “The essence of Colombia at its purest” which connotes that it is clean and fresh, secondly at the bottom of the advert is the slogan “A rare experience in taste” which connotes that it is unique. In smaller prints the copy describes the coffee in more detail. It speaks directly to us the reader. The tone behind the voice is authoritative and persuasive. The ‘you’ (target audience) the copy is talking to is the people who would buy the coffee.

I can tell the copy is talking to this audience because it keeps describing the audience ‘you’. The advert uses visual images to sell its product. The logo is an exotic bird (a toucan). The advertiser chooses this logo because Colombia is famous for their birds. My overall opinion about the ‘Nescafe Cap Colombie’ advert is that it only appeals to older people and it has enough information for the reader to know how good the coffee really is.

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 The advertisements are all different because they are all meant to appeal to different audiences.

Some advertisements are more successful in reaching their target audience than others for example you take the Nescafe Cap Colombie advert, the advert describes the quality of the coffee and has all the information and illustrations to show this is true which would appeal to more to the audience but in the Nescafe magazine article it doesn’t have any information about the coffee just a real life picture of a guy holding a red mug which to me isn’t really appealing.

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So overall I think the most appealing advert is the Nescafe Cap Colombie.

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