Comparison Paper 1: Effective Biblical Counseling

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The debate over proper models to use in counseling is one that Dr. Larry Crabb focuses on in his book, Effective Biblical Counseling. He explores the relationship that people have with each other as well as with God. Crabb provides the readers with a variety of approaches that can be used with intergrating the word and counseling.

Primary Goal

Author Lawrence J. Crabb opens by highlighting his prior book, Basic Principles of Biblical Counseling. In his introduction he points out how the problems in the life of Christians begin to surface as they begin to accept a greater fellowship with God and man.

With these issues also comes the need for spending more time in the body of Christ. This may often include counseling. The primary goal that Crabb has is with creating a biblical model for counseling that can be integrated into the church.

Development of Problems and Personal Needs

With people licing out their lives, there comes a time when crisis may occur.

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Sometime there have been hidden issues within a person’s life for years, however these issues may not manifest until that person seeks a deeper relationship with God and man. As a person seeks out truth and faithfulness, that person is able to find favour in the sight of God and man. (Proverbs 3:3-5) As the issues are hidden in the heart of man, they may not be able to properly articulate these issues but more importantly they may not have a clear understanding of the proper outlets to use to deal with these issues.

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Crabb expresses his ideas through stating that Christiaans have a call on their life to be encouragers to others. If as Christians we are not supporting or ministering to others as they go through storms, then we are failing them. A great deal of issues are surrounded by the maturity levels of Christians. As mentioned by Paul, the immature Christian tends to quarrel more while also reacting to their circumstances with negativity. On the other hand, the mature Christian seeks out Christ. As they seek out Christ, they are seeking to worship God and if they fall into trials of sin, they are able to fear the Lord and depart from evil. They are able to get to a place of reconciliation in a quicker way.

Biblical Integration

One thing that Crabb does is make reference to the Lord and his word. He references Paul as well as he quotes 2 Corinthians in his early chapters. As the book moves forward he continues to build the bridge of the model with the life of the Christian in both theology and pscychology.

Formula for Change

In making an attempt to integrate the bible with counseling, Crabb proves the read with 4 approaches. These include: separate but equal, tossed salad, nothing buttery and spoiling the Egyptians. With the separate but equal approach, theology and psychology is equal but can never be combined.

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