Comparison of My Country Nepal and the United States

Every country has its own cultural values and norms. My native country Nepal and the United States both have their personal beliefs. They both follow their own cultures and traditions and have unique differences in various aspects. American people are more advanced and highly successful however, traditional rules, regulations, and beliefs still play the vital role in Nepalese society.

Gender equality and freedom are the most significant areas of variation between Nepali and American culture. Gender equality is the main issue for many developing countries, where women are still fighting for equal rights.

Nepal is one of those countries where females are struggling for identical rights. In this country, women do not have an equal educational opportunity because most of the parents send their sons to the private English medium school and daughters to the government school.

There are lots of reasons behind this. In my homeland, usually parents think daughters will have to go to their husband’s house after marriage, but sons will stay to take care of their parents when they get old.

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Parents want to make sure that their sons get a good education for better jobs and life standard, on the other hand, American people usually take care of their children equally and show them the same love and support.

In Nepal, we still see male dominance in governmental as well as private sector jobs, nonetheless in the USA, people get qualified jobs based on their education, experiences and work ethic. Everyone wants freedom in his/her life.

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Some countries are very flexible and provide more liberty and freedom of speech to their citizens whereas others do not. The United States is one of the best countries in the world to offer human rights as well as the freedom for everyone. My country is also trying to follow the same path, nevertheless still far behind because of male dominant society and traditional beliefs.

For instance, in Nepal, parents still prefer their kids for arranged marriages and want to choose a bride and groom based on the cast, religion, and social status while in the United States anyone can marry the one he/she wants and fall in love with regardless their parent’s desire. In America, everyone is free to go casino, nightclub, and dance bar while in my native country, most of the people are not free to go such a place because of social norms, in fact, the casino was only accessible to foreigners.

To sum up, I think Nepal and the United States are two countries where we can find lots of cultural variations between social, economic and geographical structure. Being a developing country, Nepal is also trying its best to protect and provide rights equally to its citizens, regardless their gender or cultural norms but they are far behind. People in the USA live to achieve their American dreams and treated equally. Both of these countries have their own cultural values and can learn the best things from each other.

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