Comparison of George Orwell’s "Animal Farm" and William Golding’s "Lord of the Flies"

Technologies make by a human. George Orwell’s Animal Farm and William Golding’s Lord of the Flies talk about how technologies can make progress for people. In Animal Farm, the windmill is the technology used by animals, which progress the farm, and makes animal use and operate the machines. Technology in Lord of the Flies is the glasses from Piggy. Because they are useful for children living on the island. Children and animals rely on these technologies help them survive in difficult times.

Piggy’s glasses can help children ignite a fire, and give the smoke signal to a ship. They survive because of technology piggy’s glasses. The windmill in the animal farm makes life on the farm easy.

However, Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies both talk about how the destruction of society by the abuse of leaders. Orwell’s Napoleon and Golding’s Jack are the antagonists in the novel. They abuse the right to achieve their purpose.

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Napoleon training the dogs for enhancing the ruling position, and then become the leader of the farm. However the purpose of Jack leading the kids and do whatever they want on the island. Therefore, the authors George Orwell and William Golding from Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies both show technology makes society progress, society decay by the abuse of leaders, and humans rely on the technology.

Technology makes life more comfortable, and easier, which means society is making progress. In the Lord of Flies, the author narrated Children without technology cannot create the fire.

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“‘ Will you light the fire?’ Now the absurd situation was open, Jack blushed too. He began to mutter vaguely. ‘You rub two sticks. You rub—’”(Golding, 39) On a detached island, there is no technology. The kids cannot make fire. During the night, the island is dark and scary. Therefore the fire is important for kids survival. Piggy’s glasses can be used to ignite the wood to make fire. The glasses make piggy become the most important character on the island. Piggy uses glasses to ignite which is better than kids use friction to get fire. “Someone notices Piggy’s spectacles and states that “his specs — use them as burning glasses!” (Golding, 40). Piggy’s glasses make a fire efficiently. When kids try to ignite the fire, the sunlight through the glasses can easily burn the fire for kids. The fire in the island is symbolized survival. If the fire extinguishes, the ship will not see the moke signal. However, with his glasses, piggy makes the fire again fast. The glasses can create the fire, and make help the kids survive on the island easily.

In Animal Farm, technology makes animal life better. The author shows before building the windmill, how is the farm. “[m]uch overgrown by woodland, with all its pastures worn out and its hedges in a disgraceful condition”. (Orwell, 12) In the farm, it is no one to manage it. The life of animals is not too comfortable. Human like their home be clean, the animals are the same. But an ideal from Snowball changes the farm—build a windmill. The windmill can make a better life for animals. “[t]his was just the place for a windmill, which could be made to operate a dynamo and supply the farm with electrical power. This would light the stalls and warm them in winter, and would also run a circular saw, a chaff-cutter, a mangel-slicer and an electric milking machine” (Orwell, 30). A pig, named Snowball, he wants to build a windmill on the farm. The dynamo can give electrical power to any device. Then in the winter, the animal can use the electrical warn and light farm. Windmill has many functions, which help cows to make the milk. It makes cow feel more comfortable and make milk faster. If no windmill on the farm, the cows need to take more time to make milk. In short, Piggy’s glasses and Snowball’s windmill is to symbolize technology. Technology can make something easier or more comfortable in society.

Also, technology can make high efficiency in society. In the Animal Farm, author talks about it “electricity, he said, could operate threshing machines, ploughs, harrows, rollers, and reapers and binders, besides supplying every stall with its own electric light, hot and cold water, and an electric heater” (Orwell, 33). Windmill make the electricity, some device, which includes the threshing machine and electric heater make high efficiency for the farm. Snowball gives an idea windmill because he thought the electricity from windmill can make the machine work, and make the animal’s life convenient. In the farm, a threshing machine is a tool to remove the husks. The animal can use the machine to save time. If no electricity, the animal needs labour to work, it will cost more money. In a word, glasses and windmill get high efficiency than friction get fire and no electric. Both of them do not need too much time and energy to make the fire and electric.

Second, the books Lord of the flies and Animal Farm both show the social decay by the abuse of leaders. In Lord of the File, kids choose the leader to lead them and make the rule. “‘Hims with the shell.’ ‘Ralph! Ralph!’ ‘Let him be chief with the trumpet- thing.’”(Golding, 19) In the beginning, Ralph is the leader of the kids. He leading kids to build a few huts, make the fire. During the night, kids will rest in these huts, and fire warms the kids. A few kids do not obey Ralph but follow Jack hunting the animals. Assuredly, Jack abuse the right increases the difficulty of kids survive on the island. However, Jack leading these kids to hunt animals and lost the chance to get help by ship. “‘There was a ship. Out there. You said you’d keep the fire going and you let it out!’”(Golding, 74) Jack leading kids only do some fun or cool things. For example, Ralph to leading kids to study for the exam, but Jack tell kids do not study the exam play the video game will have more fun. Jack abuse his leadership to do wrong things. That show how Jack against Ralph with his right. After that, Jack starts to rob the glasses from Piggy. Jack abuse the right, wherefore the island is getting decay. People use anyway for their purpose. Even it will damage the benefit from other people. Piggy without glasses is blind “Mind out! Give ‘em back! I can hardly see! You’ll break the conch!” (Golding, 40). Jack uses his rights to rob the glasses from Piggy. Ralph cannot have to lead the kids completely. That shows the society starts to decay. Assuredly, Jack uses his right already finishes the revelation, which mean is Jack abuse his right to make the society on the island corruption. Piggy has a disability, he uses glasses to view everything. In contrast, other kids make a joke of this thing, and for survival rob the glasses from piggy. Piggy cannot see anything, this situation is dangerous for piggy. Kids damage others’ benefit for their purpose. Society is getting putrefy. That will not take long. Jack speeds up social corruption because of his rights“He was a chief now in truth, and he made stabbing motions with his spear. From his left hand dangled Piggy’s broken glasses. (Golding, 168)” In a contention, Jack kills the piggy and rob glasses from him. Jack abuse the right to lead his “guys” to survival on the island. Thus Jack for a purpose will do anything. For the absolute control, he lost moral, which mean is political on the island absolute corrupt. John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton has said one sentence “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. (Acton)” The absolute power will arouse the penitence from human’s mind.

Also, society decay shows up In Animal Farm, Napoleon creates a private guard by himself “[t]hey were the puppies whom Napoleon had taken away from their mother and reared privately. ”(Orwell, 16 )” Napoleon for the personal benefit to keep the dogs’ growth. Animal hate humans. However, Napoleon takes the dogs from Mr. Jones. Which mean is he for personal benefit to give up the moral. Additionally, Animals are blind during the night. Snowball advocates build a windmill “supplying every stall with its own electric light” (Orwell, 15). Without lights, the animal gets a limited sense in the night. In particular, animals such as pigs and horses, they cannot see during the night. They only can see during the daylight. However, windmill provides electrical power for light. But Napoleon against this ideal from Snowball. “Then Napoleon stood up to reply. He said very quietly that the windmill was nonsense and that he advised nobody to vote for it, and promptly sat down again ” (Orwell, 16) Napoleon starts to against Snowball for having a chance to get this idea. Napoleon knows if the windmill builds in the farm, it will bring many of benefit. Therefore Napoleon has an plan, steal the ideal from the Snowball.

When Snowball lost power cannot confront with Napoleon. Napoleon uses the idea by Snowball to make his power stronger. This antagonist will do everything only to achieve his goal. Even expense other people. The power corrupts the humanity of people. Finally, Napoleon plan builds a windmill in his own name. “That evening Squealer explained privately to the other animals that Napoleon had never in reality been opposed to the windmill. On the contrary, it was he who had advocated it in the beginning,” (Orwell, 18) Snowball give the idea is about to benefit from society, but Napoleon through his rights to steal the idea. Snowball leave the farm, Napoleon can change the fact. He uses his rights to finish his purpose.The society decay shows up in this part. People use other people to rise for other purposes.

Third, human will rely on technology. People move by airplane to go to a place far from home. “[i]mportance of a vehicle can easily be judged from the fact that the distance between the United States of America and Australia is nearly 15, 187 kilometres but you can travel just in 16-17 hours… which are being improvised every single day have made all this possible” (Advertise Staff). Every day tens of thousands of people use an airplane to move to other places. The reason is people rely on technology. The airplane makes people move convenient and fast. People only take a few hours to move to other places, even these places are far from away. In the Lord of the Flies, the kids come to this island by the technology— airplane. “ When we were coming down I looked through one of them.. saw the other part of the plane. There were flames coming out of it”( Golding, 2). Kids dodge war to go to the north by airplane, which means that kids move by technology. People need technology to move fast. If no airplane, kids cannot move to north fast, the enemy maybe will kill the kids. However, human need technology to help them move fast. Which mean people cannot leave technology.

Children live on the island, they need to rely on technology to ignite a fire. Fire can make their lives easier. Also, fire can be used for a signal. “You didn’t ought to have let that fire out. You said you’d keep the smoke going”(Golding, 75) When the ships pass around the island, they will get help. The fire is really important, kids need to use fire to survival. However, the fire made by glasses, which mean is technology is important, kids cannot leave it. Without fire, Children cannot eat boiled meat and give the signal to the ship. Without technology, they cannot swim to the land. ‘[t]here must be special people to take care of the fire. There may be a ship there any day.’ (Golding, 32). Children need ships to get survive. This is the last chance for them for survival. The ship can move on the water easily and fast. Those ships pick up them and put them down on the land. The belief support kids to survive— technology will save them. The technology affects human’s life every time, even on the farm and island

Additionally, people rely on the phone technology. “The telephone is an illustration of ‘modern technology that has replaced the old technology. And we cannot imagine our lives without this replacement. Letters were the most common mean of communication less than a century ago” (Advertise Staff). In the past, people only write a letter or talk to pass information. For now, everyone owns a phone. People can pass the information by message and phone call. If one day the phone has been banned, tens of thousands of people will feel unconformable. People cannot leave technology. As well, Orwell shows the people rely on technology in the Animal Farm. The author expresses “ It did not seem strange to learn that the pigs had bought themselves a wireless set, were arranging to install a telephone, and had taken out subscriptions to John Bull, Tit-Bits, and the Daily Mirror” (Orwell, 38). Use the telephone, animals can talk with others to ask about stuff for the farm. At this point, the telephone has the same property of windmill. Technology makes the life of animal easier if they use technology frequently. In that way, animals cannot leave technology. Also, the children on the island, cannot leave technology. If there have a telephone on the island, people can call help, whenever they want. However, both of the books Animal Farm and Lord of the flies show people need technologies in their life.

However, It makes a disabled person get the benefit It makes human’s life easier It makes a human move fast. George Orwell’s Animal Farm and William Golding’s Lord of the Flies shows the technology how to make animal and kids on the farm and island easy to survival. However, in Animal Farm, Napoleon uses anyway to achieve his purpose. In the Lord of the Flies, Jack for leading kids and grab the glasses from piggy. Also, show the people and animal need technology to make their life better. In the novels, Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies, authors Orwell and William both show technology make social developing. Also, the leader makes the corruption of society. Above all things is human to rely on technology. In conclusion, both of the novels show in modern society. Technology makes social developing, the leaders make society decline and human need technology.

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Comparison of George Orwell’s "Animal Farm" and William Golding’s "Lord of the Flies"

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