Comparison of Books and Movies

What is so compelling about books and movies? Books and movies are both similar and different.Provided that we utilize both ,we can take the things that we learned from books and clarify them by watching a movie based on the book.For an example ,history is brought to life through the events that actually occurred at the time of the recording. Even the young read books and get understanding. Cartoon movies make the books come alive through animation . Furthermore, in order to fully understand a matter ,people need to use as many tools that are available to them ,namely books and movies.

Although, books and movies serve some of the same purposes many of them are different -such as making people feel as though they are a part of the scene in 3D effects for movies;ebooks that allow people to read without physical contact, and social influences.

A wealth of knowledge is provided through books to all age groups.

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Traveling through books has become a trend as well as a need for many people to learn about other cultures and countries as well as facts about other states and surrounding areas. In order to advance in life ,many poor people develop new skills through books. In the meantime they gain new ideas and knowledge while advancing in the workplace. Books provide individuals the luxury of gathering facts and information at a glance in the comfort of their homes-while creating a sense of worth and dignity.Considering the cause the world now recognizes that books are not only necessary but needed in the area/field of communication in the mass media.

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The books are more factual ,forceful, direct and useful because of their level of presentation (because of their simplicity) Because of books, this country has become a nation of privilege and progress;whereas, undeveloped countries are beginning to advance through books.

Meanwhile movies were introduced mainly for entertainment then moved on to dispensing information.Not withstanding, movies have expanded to promote worthy causes.Even though they made a late start they quickly progressed to the field of education ,and was happily and gratefully received and utilized by schools everywhere.To clarify ,they presented important information and skills in a brilliant adaptable way as follows ;history and science were made simpler through cartoons and regular movies.Movies were used as training tools for business and industry;such as commercials for vehicles by showing them being driven over rough terrain to persuade people to buy them.

Both books and movies are limitless and forever learning tools for people everyday everywhere. They are comparatively easy to use in communicating ideas ,past experiences and present situations.For the most part, books and movies can expand relationships by exchanging unison and using it for individual growth.Similarly books and movies build character when children through presentations by adults in a supervisory position.On the contrary, a movie allows people to enjoy and digest what is presented to the viewers without having to figure out anything.Whereas, books extends the reader an opportunity to image with great clarity and paint pictures in their mind as they like.At this point,they may create as necessary or accept the one created.

Books are phenomenal dateless gems that are elaborate ,enlightening and explanatory in coalition with movies.Writers are not contracted to time limitations and are free from budgetary problems. Further they are more sought after in the fields of education along with information on demand.The age of technology has not affected the desires and demands for good books and movies .Books are definitely on the move in this day and time. Movies on the other hand combat the spread of propaganda as well as promoting healthy solutions to problems in our present day society.With the advent of more home movies parents have taken advantage of entertaining their children more at home.Movies help to encourage peace and tranquility in the human mind. Both books and movies have impacted the lives of people and contributed to a wave of enlightenment.In effect both are marvelously different tools.

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