Comparison Essay Cuba & U.S. Essay

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Comparison Essay Cuba & U.S.

In different countries they have different economics structures.

Some countries are very similiar to other economies while some are the exact opposite. For example a country could have a whealthy economy while another country could have a poor one , just like the U.S. compared to Cuba.

The U.S. consitution is designed to protect the rights of the states by establishing a federal system of government. The U.S.

federalist system some powers belong to the national governemnt, others share governments and still others are shared by both. The constitution wanted to protect state rights.

They also wanted a national that had suffient powers to maintain order and keep the country united.

The difference between the U.S. and Cuba is according to the constitution of Cuba, the country is a socialist state and a republic. Cuba is not a democratic republic, in which they people elect leaders to represent them. Cuba is actually a dictatorship controlled by Fidel Castro and communist party the highest leading force of the society and of the state the party leaded by Castro, has about 400,000 members.

The top officials in Cuba is fidel Castro who continues as Cuba’s supreme patriarch and leader whos pressence helps to legitimize the regine and preserve its intual cohesion. It remains to be seen if this intual cohesion can be maintained in the event that Castro becomes incapatated or dies. Ricardo Alareor de Quesada is the president of parliament and Juan Almeida Bosque is the vice president of the council of state.

In Cuba the government, the primary player in the economy, has undertaken limited reforms in recent years to stem excess liquidity, increase enterprise efficiency, and alleviate srious shortage of food, comsumer goods, and services but prioritizing of political control makes extensive reforms unlikely. Living standards foe the average Cuban, without access dollars, remains at a depressed level compared with 1990. Income taxes and increased regulations introduced since 1996 have sharply reduced the number of legally self employeed from a high of 208,000 in January 1996.

Much of Cuba’s recovery can be attributed to tourism revenues and foreign investment. Growth in 2001 should continue at the same level as the government balances the need for economic loosening against its concern for firm political control. Compared to the U.S. our economy is not stuggling as they are. From watching news recently Cuba’s from the U.S. send thier relavtives in Cuba american money because american money is worth more there.

To conclude this essay Cuba is not a rich country and is struggling in there economy compared to the U.S. ,the U.S. has more organized goverment and equal economy.

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