Comparison between shoreline casting and spear fishing Essay

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Comparison between shoreline casting and spear fishing

Fishing is the act of catching fish. There are various methods that are used for fishing. The act of fishing dates back to the era of early civilization. During this time, fishing was done to provide food for the early man. In modern types, fishing is done for provision of food and/ or raw materials and also as a recreational activity either for pleasure or for competition. Shoreline casting is a method of catching fish while one is on the shore line or while wading in the surf. It is a type of fishing that occurs when one is either in a fishing pier, besides a river, on a dock or when one is in a beach.

This type of fishing includes casting bait into the water and waiting for the fish to swallow the bait. It involves casting the bait as far into the water as possible in order to catch the target fish. In addition it may include use of nets and traps. The most basic form of shoreline casting includes the use of a fishing rod. This is accompanied with a fishing reel, a terminal tackle and bait. The length of the fishing rod and the type of the bait depends on the targeted fish. This kind of fishing is also called angling.

Though angling is defined as sport fishing, there are commercial angling methods. When used as a sport, the angling method involves catching and releasing fish (Otto & Brandt, 2005). Spear fishing is one of the most ancient methods of fishing and which is still being used today. In the olden days of civilization, sharpened sticks were used to spear fish from rivers and streams. This type of fishing was restricted to shallow waters only. In the modern days, elastic powered spear guns and slings are used to strike the fish.

Other equipments that may be used include compresded gas pneumatic powered spear guns. The use of these modern equipments has made modern spear fishing method very efficient. In the past, Spear fishing method was detrimental to the environment and also led to the imbalance in the ecosystem. This was more so in situations whereby the targeted fish was unafraid or unused to the divers. This led to excessive harvesting of the fish. On the other hand, spear fishing is a better method compared to the shoreline casting methods. This is regarding to the fact that it is a method that is highly selective.

The person fishing has the option of deciding what to target and what not to. It therefore lead to low amount of by catch. In this regard, if better education can be provided and proper spear fishing regulations put in place, this method of fishing can be ecologically sustainable. Spear fishing is a cheap method of fishing compared to shoreline casting. This is with regard to the fact that one requires only the spear while in shoreline casting, one must use a bait which may be expensive to find depending on the kind of fish targeted (Otto & Brandt, 2005).

The success of both of these methods depends on several factors. They both require one to have local knowledge of the fishing environment in order to know the right seasons to achieve effective and successful fishing. Other factors that influence the success of both these methods include the depth of water where the fishing is being carried out, the structure of the shore or the bank, the location of the fishing area and the time of the day. In addition, both of these methods require scouting and location of prime fishing spots.

When boats are used, the effectiveness and efficiency increases in both of these methods. But the efficiency of shoreline casting methods will be higher than that of spear fishing in that nets will be used and therefore increase the overall harvest. The disadvantage of using the shoreline nets is that it does not discriminate on the type of catch. This is to say that one does not determine the size or type of fish to catch. The same case applies to use of fishing rods. But because it allows for catching and releasing of the fish, it is an ecologically efficient method.

The common disadvantage of these two methods is that they do not allow for deep water fishing. These methods also are limited to the types of fish that one can catch. This is because the structure of the shore influences the kind of fish that can be found there. Unless spear fishing is carried out in a boat that has the capability of venturing into deep waters, the basic forms of spear fishing and shore line casting methods limit the types of fish that one can catch (Otto & Brandt, 2005).

While shore line casting may involve catching and releasing of the fish, spear fishing has been implicated as a method that led to the extinction of many kinds of fish species. This is because it does not allow for catch and release technique. When used as a sport, it leads to wastefulness of resources. In spear fishing, scuba divers may be able to enter deep into the waters and hunt for the target fish. However this form of spear fishing has its disadvantages in that the escaping air from the scuba divers may scare away fish.

Conclusion These two methods of fishing are popular in different parts of the world both as a sport and as a way of getting food and raw materials. Many governments across the world have put restriction on both of these methods as a way of preserving the fish ecology. When practiced as a sport, the regulations are that the fishermen catch and release the fish. However, this practice is not applicable to spear fishing. Reference: Otto. G, & Brandt, A. (2005). Fish Catching Methods of the World. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishers

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