A Comparison of 'The Beggar Woman' (William King) and 'To His Coy Mistress' (Andrew Marvell)

It is a three pronged argument and relays the story of an older woman to have sex with him, and is reminding her that life is short and you’re a long time dead, so you should enjoy life while you can. However the woman is silent in the poem and doesn’t speak.

The older woman is a complimentary, passionate and persuasive character who comes across as upfront and overpowering. He his of high status and well, educated shown by the language he uses ‘Of Humber would complain as she.

I would’. The woman is of high status like the older man but she is shy, as she does not speak and doesn’t want to lose her virginity to just anybody.

The older man and woman’s relationship is based on a traditional man seducing a reluctant woman. He presents his wishes as the best for both of them.

The language used by the older man is very persuasive and upfront.

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At first he is being extremely kind to the woman, flirting with her and complimenting her for example ‘To walk and pass our long love’s day’. He says that he would wait for her forever and wait ‘Till the conversion of the Jews’, which is a hyperbole as he is exaggerating the time he would wait for her and creating emphasis on this. In the second section the older man gets assertive and quite vulgar. He says to her that her beauty will be a waste and her life like a desert empty and barren ‘Deserts of vast eternity.

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hy beauty shall no more be found’. There is also personification ‘Time’s winged chariot hurrying near:’ ‘my echoing song: then worms shall try’ this saying worm’s will take her virginity, which is very vulgar and cruel to her and cruel towards the woman. In the final stage the man the older man seizes the moment. He compliments the woman with a simile ‘Sits on thy skin like morning dew’. His class is shown when he speaks about birds ‘And now like amorous bird of prey’. He then sums up what he’s said and says to make most of time ‘Stand still, yet we will make him run’.

The poem is written in three sections. The first is the gentleman persuading and complimenting the woman, which he is very upfront about. The second is where the man is being vulgar and cruel ton the woman because she won’t give up her virginity. The third is when the older man seizes the moment and sums up what he has said. The writer has written this poem to show that most men are just after sex rather than a relationship or commitment and to get this they can be very persuasive and forceful.

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