A comparison of the animated films

Music in “Snow White” is very emotive and classical and at the start Snow White and the Prince sing a very slow romantic duet with an orchestra. The music is used instead of dialogue. The dialogue in Snow White” is Standard English which is not like Shrek. In “Shrek2 some times they use slang. Shrek is Scottish, Princess Fiona is American and the donkey is Afro- American so it targets a universal audience. The music is contempory pop songs and that makes the film funny.

Shrek is being realistic as no one speaks perfect English. Both films tried to be realistic. Although “Shrek” has been more realistic than “Snow White,” “Shrek” bases its story on the fact that not everyone has to look perfect to be happy. In Snow White, Snow White is the “perfect” women who cooks and cleans sings and has the looks and so does the prince. “Shrek,” however, has its hero and princess as ogres and show you don’t have to be stunning to find love.

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“Shrek” has used innovative computers graphics to produce realistic human features including breathing and blinking which in “Snow White” doesn’t go into that much detail. “Snow White” is produced on single cell animation with drawings done by hand the two films were the top films of their time. In Shrek because they have gone into detail of facial expression they use a close up when the donkey has been rejected you can see that his ears drop down. When Shrek is asking donkey “What am I” it use a low angle camera shot.

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In “Snow White” because it wasn’t as advanced it mainly stayed on a medium/long shot all the way through. Society in “Snow Whites” era had different expectations they had manners and showed respect. In “Snow White” it shows this with Snow White: She cooks and cleans and is strict on the dwarfs to wash their hands. In “Shrek” it is completely different. At the start they have grotesque images with the Shrek naked, brushing his teeth with a caterpillar and he breaks wind. The Princess burps without any sense of embarrassment.

People in 1937 would have been shocked and the film would have caused uproar but when it is shown to today, adults and children alike appreciate the humour. “Shrek” gets away with grotesque images because the boundaries have shifted. This shows that the role of a child in our society has changed and is allowed more freedom in what they see and do. Both films are based on the fairytale genre but as “Snow White” keeps to the traditional fairytale convention, “Shrek” subverts and parodies the traditional convention.

The typical princess is beautiful but in Shrek she is an ogre. In “Shrek” it shows that everyone can find their true love. However, Shrek doesn’t end up with the beautiful princess he ends up with an ogre even though he loved the beautiful princess first. This could be saying that if you’re ugly your expected to have an ugly partner. “Shrek” does stray back into the traditional fairytale but “Snow White” being the early fairytale sticks to the conventions.

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