Comparing universities Essay

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Comparing universities

One of the biggest problems scholars face at the end of the high school is choosing the right university. We are all aware how that is a decision that determines our future life. First problem that we face is choosing the most suitable major, and than our decision gets stuck on choosing the university that would provide it in the best way. You have often heard dilemmas and discussions about foreign universities and state ones. Webster University as a representative of a foreign university is similar to my state university of Bosnia but there are some great differences worth mentioning.

Webster University is one of the American universities that not only provides you with high quality competence in your major, but also gives you a general education, that builds you up as an intellectual. It is a useful thing to cover your degree not only being successful in your area but also to have a basic knowledge about other things that are surrounding you. In that way you develop and spread your perspectives by being informed in all fields. Well equipped classes, provide students with an easy working environment.

Groups of maximum 20 people allow students to ask for clarifications, give their opinion and develop their thoughts. Those kinds of groups give an opportunity to students to open a discussion and allow everyone to express themselves. That kind of environment brings you closer not only with your colleagues, but also with your teachers. All kinds of questions are welcomed in the class and each teacher seeks the best way to help you understand certain issue and clarify everything that wasn’t understood.

They would dedicate as much time needed in revising and explaining things that were unclear to students. Guest speakers might hold some of the classes, which help you in your studies as well. It is helpful to be part of the lectures held by an expert, besides your high-qualified teacher, who might present certain issues from another perspective. Guest speakers always provide students with a lot of useful information and help to raise an issue on a higher level. Continuous learning is provided through constants homework, research papers, essays, quizzes and similar assignments.

Group works, such as making presentations, show how through assignments you get to know your colleagues better. Especially on such an international university like Webster, you learn about people from different cultures and meet people from all around the world. Webster University gives you the opportunity to study on any of their campuses around the world. Under certain conditions you are able to transfer on any other campus, which might come as a useful thing for studying a new language, meeting new friends and experiencing a different way of life.

Not only students need to study, but also they should relax and distract their minds from learning. One of the best ways to do that is by joining some of the activities on campus. If you are interested in sports, joining the football team or the yoga group might be one of the good choices. For those who are more interested in media and journalism, writing for the student’s newspaper might be an interesting activity. At any time you are able to use some of the facilities that the campus offers, such as the computer lab or well-equipped library, which might be good places to study.

Webster University, being an American university, regularly celebrates all the national holidays. Celebrating them on campus brings in a family atmosphere where students gather and have fun. For the better competence in your future job, you can get involved on some internship that each campus continuously offers. The State University of Bosnia provides all areas of studying. All the classes are held in big halls, in groups that are formed of hundreds of students. This enables many students to ask questions or to develop any kind of discussions.

Because of the classes with many students, students cannot easily get in touch with professors and in that way they are not provided with advices or any kind of help. This might also be a problem in evaluation, because in a group of hundred students, teachers might not grade you in a proper way. Crowded classes are the reason why students are not assigned with much group work. Transferring to other universities is possible, but is not always an easy procedure. Different level of competence in universities might sometimes make students transfer with difficulties.

Like any other university, it offers student to participate in some of the activities. Joining a choir or a rowing team can be interesting and fun. There are also many associations that student can be part of. Most of them have a goal in promoting students’ rights and in developing a better environment for them. Being a student at the State University of Bosnia, gives you the right to access the national library in Sarajevo where the majority of students spend their time reading and studying.

It is the best place to find all kind of information for your studies and researches. During or after finishing the State University in Bosnia, it’s very complicated to find a good internship. Most of the students have to be excellent at their studies or they have to have good connections in order to receive a proper offer. That makes it difficult for students to gain experience for their future career. Being a part of an American University brings you more benefits than the State University.

After finishing Webster University you have a better general education and through practice that is offered, you are more experienced in your field of studies. Being a number among thousands of students like at the state university in Bosnia is something you will never hear or see at Webster. Making the right choice is very hard decision to take, but you are the only one who can do it and who knows what is right/wrong for you. Enrollment to university determines your future life and you better choose it right!

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