Comparing the Last Song and Dear John

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The last 2 movies I saw were “The Last Song” and “Dear John”. Considering both of these movies are sappy Nicholas Sparks books, they have a ton of similarities. They also have some differences. I saw both of these movies more than 4 months ago so I hope I can even remember enough to compare them. One similarity is about 2 people that meet in a beach setting. In “The Last Song”, Ronnie, who is played by Miley Cyrus and is the main character, is shipped to her fathers house in Tybee Beach, Georgia, with her mother’s hopes of her losing her bad attitude due to her arents rough divorce.

While she is staying there, she meets a boy named Will who she tries to repel, but she ends up falling for him. In “Dear John”, which is also set in North Carolina, John, who is played by Channing Tatum, is visiting his father before he goes off to the army and Savannah, who is played by Amanda Seyfried, is going to school in North Carolina spends a month in Wilmington to built a house for Habitat for Humanity.

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These two also meet on the beach and fall in love. Another similarity is that death happens in both of these plots. In “The Last Song”, Ronnie’s dad had been aced with a battle with cancer and in the end of the story, he lost it.

Leaving behind an ex wife, a changed-for-the-better daughter, and a young, very sensitive son. In “Dear John”, John’s dad had been suffering from having many heart attacks and eventually died.

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One last similarity is how the couples in both movies fall in love over a short period of time. In “The Last Song”, Ronnie tries to resist Will but she falls for him anyway over about a 2 week period. In “Dear John”, Savannah and John meet when Savannah’s purse falls into the water and John goes to retrieve it. There were sparks there from the start. They also fell in love over a 2 week period.

One of the most famous lines in that movie is said by Savannah and sounds like, “Two weeks together, that’s all it took. Two weeks for me to fall for you”. There are also many differences in these movies. One, is that in “The Last Song”, Ronnie and Will end up together but in “Dear John”, Savannah marries a man who is dying and John sells his fathers prized coin collection to get money for his treatment but Savannah still loves John as much as she did. Another difference is in “Dear John”, the guy in the relationship goes away and leaves the girl. That doesn’t happen in “The Last Song” ecause Will stays around and continues to date Ronnie.

One last difference between these two movies is that the girls in both plots feel completely different towards the guys in the beginning. In “Dear John”, it was basically love at first sight. Savannah was attracted to John from the start. In “The Last Song”, Ronnie didn’t like Will and tried to stay away from him. Both of these movies were based on books written by the same author so it was rather easy to find similarities. The plots of these movies are different but also have some of the same aspects. Comparing the Last Song and Dear John By lucilleparr

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