Comparing the story 'Tea in the wendy house' to another story called 'snowdrops'

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I shall be comparing the story ‘Tea in the wendy house’ to another story called ‘snowdrops’. Both these stories carry with them a theme of disappointment.

In the story ‘Tea in the wendy house’, disappointment is expressed in Lynn’s desires to break free from the web that entangles her. She was a woman with ambitions and dreams, “Is that all? A lovely mum? I used to have ambitions”, now that she will have to bring up a child and be a normal typical housewife all of her ambitions have been shattered.

She feels caught up in early marriage and her pregnancy by Graham. Her mother is also very controlling over her, she seems to always want the best for her daughter but never really seems to actually take the time to realise what Lynn really wants, “I said nothing, but my mother didn’t seem to notice”, this proves my point. Certain happenings in the story, feelings, and thought’s are expressed in a rather false way also.

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In the story ‘Snowdrops’, there is a lot of disappointment shown and felt. Miss Webster, who is a teacher at a primary school, loses her boyfriend as he crashed on a motorbike. But this grievement and misery is also experienced a less extreme way in a young boys eyes. The young boy who’s teacher is Miss Webster, was looking forward to seeing the snowdrops, but as his teacher is upset, he doesn’t get to see them in the light he thought he would, and this discourages him.

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“They could draw whatever they liked.” After all, he’s a child, and the whole world is new and innocent, harmless to him, but the smallest things matter the most. He is oblivious to the death of the young man who was close to Miss Webster. He is feeling down, as the snowdrops weren’t as breathtaking as he anticipated.

The characters react to their disappointment in different ways; Lynn decided to effectively ignore her feelings to escape from her situation. Whereas Miss Webster seems obviously effected by her loss and lets it show, “Miss Webster continued to cry aloud.” Obviously not exactly the same feelings. But still, Miss Webster has lost a loved one, and Lynn has lost her freedom and ambitions. The little boy reacted in a very discouraged way towards his disappointment. The fact that the snowdrops were not as amazing as he thought they’d be completely brought him down.

Leslie Norris (The writer of ‘Snowdrops’) communicates the feelings towards the reader by using emotive words such as, “frightened”, and, “cry.” These words jump out from the page and grab you, make you think about what’s going on in the story instead of just reading through and not taking anything in. A section, which states that Miss Webster is wearing a black frock, also states the obvious feelings towards the reader. “She was dressed in a black frock.”

In ‘Tea in the wendy house’, Lynn’s feelings are expressed through sarcasm, “Perhaps I could wear a mantilla to hang nappies on the line?” this expresses her disapprovement at her life in the future. The writer, Adele Geras, gets the feelings across to the reader with sarcasm, strong feelings through the characters. Aldo the part of using parallels to the present and the past. She does this by referring to the Lynn and Grahams childhood when they spent time in the wendy house together. The writer cleverly associates what is happening now with what was happening to them as children.

The two stories are fairly alike in some respects in the sense of disappointment, although they are at completely different levels, but feelings are felt strongly either way.

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