Comparing American and Chinese Friendship Essay

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Comparing American and Chinese Friendship

There are many differences between American friendship and Chinese friendship, such as be concerned with other people, talk, and be a guest custom. I want talk about the similarities and differences of Chinese and American friendship .I have three points to support my arguments .The differences include the degree of care about friendship, the method of making friends, and being guest custom.

Americans care about each other on friendship and keep distance. If you need help, and then they are happy to help you, but still keep distance from you, they can’t interfere with you ideas and decision. I have an Americans friend just like this. Jessica enthusiastic. If you need her help .her can give you some idea, she is a patience girl, If you have any question, she would be patient to answer you. She likes Chinese food. I think Jessica is beautiful girl; she is the cute Americans I have ever seen before.

So I have Chinese friend Judy, she just like a sister to help me do everything. She is concerned with every one, she like eating chocolate very much. Sometime I think she very funning, her is a good sister for our Both America and China shows different view since their different culture background, such as their customs, Different customs have different hobby. Such as my friend Melody, she likes playing piano, I prefer to listen her singing rather than listen the sound when she play piano. She singing very pleasant, she like watch funning TV play, she can watch the TV play long time. So I think she like laughing every time. You can feel the happiness if she is happy. I have a America friend Thea , she is good friend ,she like singing too ,she like eating Chinese food too .so I think different people have different ,but the have many similarities .

Secondly, another difference between American and Chinese friendship is the method of making friends. Most Americans are very easy to become good friends, such as people go to the same birthday party, students study in the same class, and neighbors live in the same apartment etc. Because Americans are very enthusiastic, they will greet to everybody with a sweet heart. However, they don’t often contact with their friends. “The main reason is because Americans are so busy with school, their careers, and other activities, it is not uncommon for them to go weeks, months, or even longer without seeing their close friends, especially if they live in different cities.” (Textbook: American Culture) On the other hand, Chinese are very difficulty to make good friends, because the Chinese make friends very carefully.

They often contact each other after they become friends. For example, two close Chinese friends will go outside together, shopping together, playing together, eating together, and watching movies together. another difference between American and Chinese friendship is the method of character. I have Chinese friends Linda, I think her character like a boy, she like very loud laugh, she like to listen to music while follow the beat shook her head. I think her character is free and easy. I have a American friend Kimi ,I think she is a lovely girl , her dress is very cute .she walked like whistling .I like simple girl.

In conclusion, American and Chinese friendship has so many differences. Different friends build up different friendship. American and Chinese friendship has so many similarities. All the friends will keep their friendship forever.

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