Comparing Classroom Management Strategies

Clear standards on how to prepare are specified for each time of the day. Treatments are divided into durations to assist in execution in class. Educators are likewise directed on preparation in the summertime prior to classes begin for the year. Procedures will remain the same this reduces behavior problems and keeps the focus on knowing and informing.

Educators comprehend the limits of their control; the instructor can focus on being proactive to prevent issues instead of losing time reacting to issues she could prepare for.

Any instructor can implement the theory of the practical class without issue for over- or under-reaching with trainees.

trainees’ achievements are pompous by the treatments used. – This viewpoint has a solid positions that are shared with the students – A Comparison of Discipline Designs

Wong’s Practical Classroom Kagan, Kyle, and Scott’s win-win discipline Morrish’s Real Discipline Compare and Contrast

– Trainees are given the pick to what they feel benefits them to do.

– Students, teacher and moms and dads are associated with the guideline making.

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– Aid trainees comprehend each other’s duties in addition to what the teacher’s duties are.

– Discipline is something that the win-win problem does not do to students.

– Fixes the scenario, which enables the students to come up much better actions, which will result in appropriate habits. – According to Morrish’s genuine discipline kids can only find out SELF DISCIPLINE through experience.

– Morrish further states that when children enter school they do not have the knowledge on acting appropriately.

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– With the 3 theories they all have the similarity that the instructors and trainees are involved in the knowing
procedure of the required discipline. Strengths

– Trainees, Teachers and moms and dads all interact to develop the guidelines to have a much better school experience.

– Teachers assist trainees behave which is appropriate habits to their teacher.

– Win-win discipline is to assist trainees establish log-term, self-managed obligation. – Morrish rewards occasionally the trainees for acting properly.

• Morrish gives students courage that they may not have when working through issues that are sensitive.

•Weakness • There is too much compromise between teacher and student when establishing the classroom rules.

• Teachers are too limited on what they can do to prevent disruptions.

• The program is most effective if it is implemented from the first day of school until the last day of school.

• Morrish overstates the role of the teacher. “The because I said so” response.

• Morrish believes that teachers who praise children to build up their self-esteem actually do more harm than good.

• Morris is against giving students the freedom to choose

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Comparing Classroom Management Strategies
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