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Compare the Way the Two Texts Try to Sell Their Holidays Essay

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Both texts, A and B are trying to sell their holidays, but not necessarily for the same age group of people. Text A is aimed at older people and families who want a quiet, fun, exotic holiday. However, text B is aimed at younger people aged 18-30. We can tell this by the way language, layout, and pictures are used. Text A uses formal language, whereas text B uses informal language. The layout of the two texts are completely different.

The layout in text A is very colourful and the text is broken down into sections. This is trying to show there is not much writing to read. Similarly, this is the case with text B.

Text A is laid out like a normal, every-day holiday, whereas text B, is laid out differently, like a secret document with the text tilted. This uses a different approach to advertise a holiday. This is trying to show that the article wants attention and is unique. The idea of the article being secret gives us the impression of the document being hidden from older families.

Text A attracts the attention of the audience by using bright colours at the top of the page, which then draws us down the rest of the page. However text B attracts the attention of the audience by covering the background of the article in a bright colour and leaving the box in which the text is in is left blank, resulting in the text stand out a lot more.

In text A the first paragraph of writing is written in a more eye-catching font. This makes the reader want to read on. Also the headings are written in bold making the headings stand out a lot more and divides the writing into sections resulting in easier to read text. Similarly, text 2 uses this same technique.

The pictures and imagery in text A look peaceful, exotic and quiet. This shows the holiday is for families and older people. However, the pictures in text B look much more vibrant, fun, lively and exiting.

The main picture in text A is at the top of the page which shows a large picture of a beach, sea, hotels and mountains with a flower in the top corner of the page suggesting the sun. This image is trying to emphasize the qualities of a perfect family holiday.

However, the main pictures in text B shows a topless male entertainer, which suggests that the clubs are dangerous, vibrant and exiting. The other main picture in text B shows a group of mixed gender models around a jeep on the beach, not wearing many clothes. This suggests that the beaches at this resort are going to be more lively and fun, rather than the beaches being relaxing. This again shows the holiday is for young adults.

Text A has a small map of Majorca showing all the towns and cities. The map is small to give us the idea that the towns are not far away from each other. Next to this map, there is information about the weather in Majorca. The temperatures of Majorca are compared with London. So when we look at this, it gives us the effect of Majorca being very hot because London is a rather cold place.

Text A also has small pictures of relaxed beaches next to the list of resorts. This is trying to make us think that the beaches are like this in the resorts, but in reality they are different beaches.

However, the extra pictures in text B shows images of young men and women in clubs drinking alcohol, a picture of a half naked man and woman with the hotel in the background and finally, a picture of a caf with images of women’s legs. All these pictures emphasize sex and alcohol and the holiday is for both genders.

Both texts use persuasive language that tries to make us want to adore the place before we even go there.

Text A uses words like “unbeatable” and “everyone’s dream” to describe the holiday itself. This suggests that the article is guaranteeing us to love the holiday, that the place is special to us. However, text B has a far more informal approach, the clubs are described as “banging” and beaches are the “dogs b”. These words show that the holiday is for younger people because these are the words that are fashionable for a person of that age to say.

Text A uses words like “vibrant” to describe the bars whereas text B uses words like “blasting” to describe the music. This shows the contrast in the two holidays, that they are completely different.

Both texts use a method of listing to describe what to do, where to go etc. This is trying to make the list seem longer. Both texts also use the word “you”, which is personalised, and when we read this it seems like the article is talking about you and no one else, which makes it seem like we will have the whole island for ourselves.

Text A starts off by using the word “beware”, which suggests that the holiday needs a warning because It’s such an action packed family holiday. The text then describes the scenery and uses adjectives to describe them such as “soft” beaches and “rugged” mountains. These words are used to make the scene in our head seem beautiful and more picturesque.

Text A uses words like “where else can you find” to suggest that the resort is unique and such a special island. This text continuously uses words like “tremendous” and “wonderful” to describe things. This suggests that the text wants us to have a more vivid picture of this holiday.

However, text B uses a very different style of language.

The headings, such as “what you get” and “where to go” are very informal and straight to the point. Another example of this is how the cathedral is described as “very big, very gothic”. This description gives us the impression that it doesn’t sound very exiting. This is because the holiday is mainly focused on bars and clubs.

The music in the clubs are ranged from “banging house” to “come on Eileen”, which suggests that the holiday offers all sorts of music for different tastes.

The beaches on this holiday are described like that of “baywatch”, which makes us think of the attractive men and women like that of the programme. Whilst lying on the beach “you’ll have something interesting to look at”, which suggests the lifeguards on the beaches are very attractive and adds to the emphasis of the sex theme.

The language in the text includes humour in some cases. For example, the cathedral is being described, and a sentence quotes “altogether now bless me father for I have sinned”, which suggests humour but also suggests that we will sin if we go on this holiday, which again suggests the sex and alcohol.

I think text B is most effective mainly because it is different from other articles. The way it is set out like a secret document and the text on an angle makes it more powerful. The pictures are more effective because they look much ore exiting and very different. The pictures in text A are all the same and when I look at them I get the feeling that I have seen them before on a different article. The language is used very differently in text B. It tells us information about the place but includes sarcasm and humour, which makes it more interesting.

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