Compare the Function of Formats and Locations in Retailing

We printed two different job application forms, job descriptions and person specification for Nando’s and Topman we then compared the forms and found some similarities and some differences to them.

Topman and Nandos application form

Differences: They were set up very differently Topman had a variety of rhetorical questions which underneath it, they were answered for you whereas Nandos did not use any rhetorical questions just information about the restaurant. Nandos have added a bit of colour to their form whereas Topman have not.

Topman’s application form was much more detailed as it tells you how to apply, there top level supervisors, visual merchandising assistants etc… In contrast to Nandos which does not include all these points and facts about their business. Comparisons: both application forms give information about the business such as what will be expected from you when you start working there and what you will learn from the job.

Person specification

Differences: Again on the Person specification form a lot more colour and images have been used in Nandos form whereas Topman have not added any images or colour.

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On Topmans form the information is given out in bullet points in contrast to Nandos were no bullet points are used. Topman have gave all there information a heading which is more clear to people, Nandos have just gave out different types of information without no heading. Nandos have stated the age they expect the employee to be in contrast to Topman. Comparisons: Both forms have said what they expect from the employee.

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