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In recent years, there are many Vietnamese students who want to study in other countries as Australia, Singapore, or USA. Because they think that the education system in these countries is better than the system in Vietnam. They will have plenty opportunities after graduating in international college or university. Nevertheless, others have the opinion that the quality of education in both countries is similar. Australian and Vietnamese education systems are very similar in school ages. We can easy to see that both of their education system have kindergarten level and twelve grades which for children from the ages of 3 to 18.

After finishing general education, most of students in Australia move on their studying at TAFE or colleges or universities, and so do Vietnamese students. Moreover, both of them have public schools which boys and girls can join equally in class. In spite of the similarities, these two educations have several differences in system division, timetable and the way students can apply to university.

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The first difference between two education systems is the system division.

In Vietnam, public kindergartens frequently admit children from the age of 18 months to 5 years old. They usually study in primary school at 6 years old for 5 years (grades 1 – 5), secondary school at 12 years old for 4 years (grades 6 – 9) and high school for 3 years (grades 10 -12). In contrast, there are preschool and preparatory (also called kindergarten), which started when you are five. Then, primary school goes from grade 1 to 6 and secondary school from grade 7 to 12. Furthermore, they still are difference in timetable.

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Australian students have to go to school Monday to Friday, from 8:45 am to 3 pm, with breaks for lunch and snacks. Also they have extra activities after school hours such as piano classes, dance classes, etc. Even though, students in Vietnam just have 5 minutes break between two lessons (45 minutes for a lesson), every day from Monday to Friday.

The Vietnamese classes usually started at 6:45 am and finished at 11:45 am for morning session or 12:45 pm to 5:15 pm for afternoon session. Another striking difference between education system in Australia and the system in Vietnam is the way students can apply to university. All of grade 12 students in Vietnam who must to pass the High school Graduation Examination to graduate and take the University Examination to study in university. On the other hand, you need to show: Evidence of English knowledge, Evidence of study as High school Certificate if you want to apply to any universities in Australia. All things considered, while the two education systems offer similar the ages to go to school, they differ widely in the system division, timetable and the way students can apply to university. Study in Australia is the best choice for students who not only want to be more active, more confident but also improve themselves-study and English skill, enlarge their knowledge and create a great working chance.

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