Compare and contrast the higher education system in the UK

Firstly, British college student’s ability to live independently that is stronger than our country students. Students who do not share the housework rarely . They were trained to help parents rub the car or cut the lawn. Many students also work in community, delivering newspapers are normal behavior, not earned money highly, but they have the opportunity to face the community and get few experience of job, independently of the problem. In holidays , such as gas stations, fast food restaurants , supermarkets.

High school students are working busy in company . After holiday , not only earned a few hundred pounds, more important ways, they might be get more self-confident than chinese students.

Secondly, British college student’s strong sense of team . In the UK , it is widely respected team to the students ‘ teamwork ‘ education, in public places or collective activities , individuals must obey someone. If any student limelight for themselves and hurt everyone , he will be consistent dismissed as ” no team spirit .”

Thirdly, college students of England who to explore spiritual strength .

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British students work what have confident and courage enough, without the shackles of the old rules. They think that confident and courage can make them to discover the answer.Hence, the chances of success are relatively high. Each student has their own thoughts and actions . They are not superstitious textbooks, not superstitious authority , they are concerned about our students answers to questions.

In UK, students have lots of chosen when students study in university, they can study many subjects until they find a profession which suitable for them really.

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For example, there were two classmates in the Cambridge University. They were all majoring in physics and very smart. One student told the other:’ you are much better than me in high energy physics area, you should continue to research physical, and I engage in biology.’

But in China when students just enter to university, they haven not chosen that they have to learn only one profession and their futures are set. For example two years ago, Mr. Yang found that high school students were assigned to 46 departments when he saw the new roster Fudan University, and Beijing University have 59 departments.

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