Compare And Contrast Songs Essay

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Compare And Contrast Songs

The two songs “Indian Reservation” by Paul Revere and The Raiders, and “Seminole Wind” by John Anderson expressed emotion, culture, and religion. “Indian Reservation” song has more of an ‘upbeat’ tempo, and the lyrics that the band sang are a personal view of a Native American or Cherokee tribe. The lyrics seemed angry as they sang about how the Cherokee tribe turned into a mess by becoming “Americans”. For example: when the song said , “and all the beads we made by hand, are nowadays made in Japan,” The song shows that the Cherokee tribe’s hard work was important; but, the “American” people took over the Cherokee’s work and did not appreciate what they once created by hand.

The Cherokee people are proud of what they accomplished in their way of life. The song “Seminole Wind” by John Anderson has a very country vibe to it. The song has a less ‘upbeat’ tone; however, the rhythm of the song flows well. The lyrics to this song have a more descriptive language to it. When John Anderson was singing, one can easily picture what he was singing about. “Seminole Wind” has many metaphors and they all have special meanings. Another metaphor is that, the song talks about having destroyed land rather than looking as if their tribe turned into ‘Americans’.

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