Compare and contrast shopping as a leisure activity of British Culture with that of your own culture Essay

Becoming a foreign pupil has given me the chance of life in two metropoliss at the same clip. Populating in each metropolis on a regular basis has allow me see many similarities and differences between both. In this essay. I will chiefly compare and contrast shopping as a leisure activity between United Kingdom and Hong Kong. I will look at the sorts of activities. attitudes towards disbursement. the position of stores and the gap hours of stores. First of all. both United Kingdom and Hong Kong are consumer societies.

Peoples can happen all kinds of things to make like shopping in promenades or streets.

The visual aspect of the promenades in United Kingdom chiefly comes from the fact that they feature more than 100s of stand-alone stores. coffeehouse. eating houses and a immense figure of section shops. in which there are broad assortments of types of stores. Furthermore. most stores are concatenation shops. but among those that are non. there is much individualism.

( O’ Driscoll. J. 1995 P. 148 ) The state of affairs of shopping promenades is as common in Hong Kong. Both societies. furthermore. like purchasing and merchandising merchandises through online.

Nowadays. the rapid development of the Internet advances the on-line trading. The clients do non necessitate to walk on the streets. they merely have to shop the web site of that company and the store will supply the images of the merchandises for you to buy. For illustration. the Amazon. com is popular in both United Kingdom and Hong Kong. ( Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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2012 ) Despite some of import similarities in shopping between United Kingdom and Hong Kong. there are important differences every bit good. One obvious difference is the attitude towards disbursement.

The British are non really adventuresome shoppers. They like dependability and purchase goods that are sooner with the monetary value clearly marked. Of class. they are non really lament on higgling over monetary values. ( O’ Driscoll. J. 1995 P. 148 ) In contrast. Hong Kong People spend tonss of money on purchasing things they like. Besides. people in Hong Kong like to dicker with the gross revenues proprietor in order to obtain a cheaper monetary value. particularly in some market streets and little stores. ( Hong Kong Tourism Board. 2012 ) Other countries of difference are the gap hours of stores.

Most stores near early in United Kingdom such as half-past five and stores near a spot subsequently in big metropoliss. In some towns there are even stores shut at noon and do non open once more. ( O’ Driscoll. J. 1995 P. 149 ) This is likely because proprietor demands to take remainder after a full day’s work. However. since Hong Kong is a reputed shopping ‘paradise’ . it is easy for you to happen a shopping promenade nearby anytime. ( Hong Kong Tourism Board. 2012 ) Shops unfastened boulder clay tardily at dark in Hong Kong because workers tend to gain more money to gain a life and in order to fit with those people who need to work tardily.

Unexpectedly. some market streets even open at 2 am. Therefore. people can travel shopping whenever they want to. To Hong Kong eyes. the shopping malls seem merely like convenience shops. A concluding difference between United Kingdom and Hong Kong is the position of the stores. Many people are surprised by the seediness of shop-window shows. even in comfortable countries in United Kingdom. It is merely that the British do non demand art in their store Windowss ( O’ Driscoll. J. 1995 P.

148 ) . whereas stores in Hong Kong are decidedly decorated nicely and dreary billboards and store marks erupt in legion sunglassess of neon colour. Peering over the balcony was like looking down on a fairground and even the visible radiations of the stores could non compare with the overall position. Peoples say shopping gives a batch of pleasance to citizens. This must be true. Indeed people in both United Kingdom and Hong Kong like to pass their leisure clip on making shopping. Yet there are still many differences based on the subjects such as the disbursement attitudes. stores opening hours and the position of stores.

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