Compare and Contrast: Schools Essay

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Compare and Contrast: Schools

Choosing a college could be hard like if your choosing the University of Nevada, Las Vegas or University of California, Los Angleos. They have many similarities but there has to be something different about them that helps you choose a decision but you cant find it. Is it the environment that surrounds each of the schools. Maybe the different academics, does it have what I want to succeed in one day. Or what if it has the sports I love to play and watch and are they good at them. Choosing a college is a choice that is apart of your life forever. Its where one day you hopefully will get your degree and have the oppurtunities of a lifetime.

Is the University of California, Los Angelos a better school then the University of Nevada, Las Vegas? The environment in Las Vegas is not as big and open as Los Angelos. They both have many simularites such as: the culture, opportunities, experiences, and walking distance in many places. But Las Vegas is known as sin city and if your for the partying, and having the fun its a great environment for you to be around. Like Los Angelos, Las Vegas is known to many big businesses. There are 20,000 people that attend this university which seems like a lot In contrast the University of California which is located in Los Angelos.

When many people think Los Angelos they think gangs and violence but there is an up part to that. The University of California is one the highest known schools in the United States. The environment is a lot like Vegas but there are 40,000 people that attend the school and wheres there more people usually means more surroundings and a bigger space. It may have some of the same things like culture, opportunities , and experiences. Like UNLV, UCLA is a lot of walking distance from dorms to school, and many things in between those are things like food, gyms and etc.

Vegas is a great place for learning; It has many things to offer just as well as Los Angelos. The environment is great but academics is the real reason you are going to college unless your the next Micheal Phelps, Lebron James , or another athletic star. In the University of Nevada they offer 220 undergraduate, masters , and doctoral degree program. It might offer less due to the smaller school. Unlv is based on a medical school. As for UCLA, it offers 5,000 courses that could end in 125 different majors. UCLA has a lot more to offer its not really based on just one thing.

With the bigger classes it maybe a little crowed but the professors are there to help you. They may not care as much as they do it the classrooms but it would be your responsibility to go after to ask for help. Or even join tutoring which I’m sure is offered at both schools. With over 109 academic departments it would help you decided on what you want to do in life. Being Micheal Phelps, LeBron James, or even Alex Rodriguez, you would have to start somewhere in life. College is where everything hits the big time because the professional teams or even Olympics starts to really look at you.

Both UNLV and UCLA have many sports to offer. The University of Nevada is the home of the red and silver Rebels. They offer the normal football , baseball, basketball, swim, golf, soccer,and etc. They do offer men cheer which not many schools do not offer. Although UCLA doesn’t offer male cheer it offers others things like track and field, mens volleyball, water polo, women gymnastics, women rowing,and women sand volleyball, otherwise it offers the same basic sports. UCLA is home of the blue and gold Bruns. They are very high in there division because of the level of talents they have on the field and/or courts.

UCLA is a better school it offers a more experience environment that will prepare you more for the future, has a better verity of academics, and more sports to offer for the people who have dreams to become professional athletes. College is very stressful itself but finding one right for you is even harder. The University of Nevada in Las Vegas offers many things but; it isn’t just as big and have more opportunity then the University of California in Los Angelos. With the environment, academics, and sports its a bigger and better school. Some people might disagree but that’s what I think.

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