Compare and contrast Maroubra anh Kogarah Essay

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Compare and contrast Maroubra anh Kogarah

Maroubra and Kogarah are beautiful suburbs of Australia. Neither provinces are national capital nor commercial centres. However, each has prominent features. This report will compare and contrast the location, population, housing, sevices of these two provinces. Maroubra is a beach suburb nearby Sydney which is located 10 kilometers south-east of the central business dictrict while the residential suburb-Kogarah is slightly farther than Maroubra, about 14 kilometers. The population of these suburbs are extremely different, Maroubra has twice as much population as Kogarah. The population of Maroubra is 26.500 while Kogarah is 10.900. The propoution of the largest age group from 20 to 39 years old in Maroubra is 33 percent whereas this age group in Kogarah has only 31 percent. In the review, 53 percent of people in Maroubra were born in Autralia while in Kogarah were 47 percent. In Maroubra,47 percent of people come from many countries in the world. However, Kogarah has 53 percent of people from a lot of different countries. Housing in the two suburbs have both similarities and differences.

Maroubra and Kogarah have over 42 percent of apartment. The median either house price or apartment price in Maroubra in higher than in Kogarah. The cost of a house in Maroubra is about 1.050,000 dollas while a house in Kogarah is about 650.000 dollas. An apartment’s price in Maroubra is about 575.000 dollas but one in Kogarah is just about 420.000 dollas. So there are 46 percent of apartment in Kogarah while this percent in Maroubra is only 42. There are a lot of discrepancies about services of both suburbs. In Maroubra, the number people driving to work account for about 55 percent whereas there are only about 45 percent. Basically, trains are widely used in Kogarah, it takes about 25 minutes to go to city.

People in Maroubra do not travel by train. Instead, they go to the city by bus in about 50 minutes. Next point í about retail. Sightseers in Maroubra can enjoy shopping having coffee or food meal in some medium-sized shopping center,small shop and cafes on major road. But in Kogarah, most small shopping center, small shops is near train station. Beside, the major hospital of Maroubra is about 3 kilometers away from the center. Whereas the major hospital of Maroubra stay at the center. But both have many private clinics.

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