Compare and Contrast Essay Topics List

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

The primary aim of the compare and contrast essay is to select two issues, from the same category, to conduct a research of their similarities and divergences. The subjects for comparison can be versatile – historical events, famous personalities, philosophical ideas, presidential campaigns, etc. Just name it! Whatever subjects the student decides to select, the comparison and contrast should be based on trustworthy facts supported by solid evidence. It’s also important to choose the common ground for comparing and contrasting subject plus enlist divergent plus similar features.

The criteria for comparison can differ greatly. But it’s advisable to highlight meaningful and striking issues that can reveal more information about those issues. It’s up to every student whether to only contrast divergences, compare similarities, or include all the features in their works.

How to Choose a Compare and Contrast Essay Topic?

This essay type provides students with a wide range of possible topics.

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But several factors should be taken into account before deciding on a suitable topic. First of all, the two issues for comparison have to provide significant material for the research. There should be interesting enough, original, plus memorable resemblances or divergent features to compare. That will be a big plus if students are familiar with the subject they are going to explore and possess knowledge of its hidden and obvious peculiarities. The scope of the research shouldn’t be too broad. Students will only benefit if they limit their topic to a certain number of similar or divergent aspects of the studied issues.

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Also, the best subject is always the one which inspires someone to sit and write non-stop for hours. The recipe of a well-prepared compare and contrast essay includes an exciting topic, profound analysis, and appropriate way of presenting!

Writing Tips for Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays are a complicated thing. Before starting you have to get yourself ready.

  • Logically organize the thoughts.
  • Develop some type of a chart or graph to have a visual picture of how the final draft should look like.

In this type of academic writing, it is important to focus on the comparable qualities and characteristics of the subjects, events or people to impress the target audience.

Overall, the hardest thing is to choose a topic. How to pick up a catchy one? What we can recommend is to use different types of research: newspapers and magazines are still a good idea. There you can find an endless source of great ideas, as newspapers are related to ongoing world’s events, modern innovations, opinions of experts, criteria of style and lots more.

  • A good variant will be a TV; there you can watch on the latest and relevant news. While turning on your favorite show, think why do you like exactly this show: because of stars, TV presenter? Think about topics they take up and discuss; there you can pick up a good idea for your essay.
  • The best and the greatest source of all ideas is the internet. It is the most endless place of information in the entire world.

Don’t avoid attending seminars, meetings, and conferences.

A List of History Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

1. Aztecs Civilizations vs Maya Civilizations
2. Constitution vs Declaration of Independence
3. Articles of Confederation vs US Constitution
4. Vietnam War vs Soviet Afghanistan War
5. Adolf Hitler vs Joseph Stalin
6. Abraham Lincoln vs Thomas Jefferson
7. Frederick Douglass vs Harriet Jacobs
8. Mahatma Gandhi vs Osama Bin Laden
9. World War I vs World War II
10. North vs South (Before the Civil War)
11. Christopher Columbus vs Amerigo Vespucci
12. Slavery in America vs Holocaust
13. Sugar Act vs Stamp Act
14. Julius Caesar vs Octavian Augustus
15. Roman Empire vs Greek Empire
16. Sparta vs Athens
17. Alexander the Great vs Genghis Khan
18. Totalitarianism vs Imperialism
19. Cuban Revolution vs French Revolution
20. The Hundred Years War vs The Eastern Front of World War II
21. British East India Company vs Dutch East India Company
22. Glorious Revolution in England vs American Revolution
23. General Eisenhower vs General Patton
24. Yuri Gagarin vs Neil Armstrong
25. Winston Churchill vs Theodore Roosevelt
26. Chinese Revolution vs Russian Revolution
27. Hydrogen Bomb vs Atomic Bomb
28. September 11 vs Pearl Harbor
29. Spanish Civil War vs American Civil War
30. Federalism vs Centralism

A List of Science and Technology Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

31. Solar Power vs Wind Power
32. Gas Cars vs Electric Cars
33. Benjamin Franklin vs Thomas Edison
34. Isaac Newton vs Albert Einstein
35. Adobe Photoshop vs Lightroom
36. Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates
37. Smartphone vs Personal Computer
38. Karl Marx vs Adam Smith
39. Android vs IOS
40. Socrates vs Thrasymachus
41. Windows vs Linux
42. Saturn vs Uranus
43. Astrology vs Astronomy
44. Chemistry vs Biology
45. Mathematics vs Physics

A List of Literature Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

46. Dracula vs Twilight
47. Poetry vs Prose
48. 1984 vs The Hunger Games
49. Fahrenheit 451 vs Brave New World
50. Comedy vs Drama
51. William Shakespeare vs Charles Dickens
52. Joyce vs Proust
53. Jack London vs Mark Twain
54. War and Peace vs Game of Thrones
55. Hamlet vs Faust

A List of Geography and Topography Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

56. South America vs North America
57. Chinese Language vs Japanese Language
58. Immigration vs Emigration
59. Snowfall vs Rainfall
60. Italy vs Spain
61. USA vs Russia
62. Brazil vs Argentina
63. Ocean vs Sea
64. North Pole vs South Pole
65. Pacific Ocean vs Atlantic Ocean

A List of Politic Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

66. Republican vs Democrat
67. John F. Kennedy vs Richard Nixon
68. Ronald Reagan vs Barack Obama
69. Socialism vs Communism
70. Monarchy vs Presidency
71. Capitalism vs Communism
72. Bill Clinton vs George W. Bush
73. Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump
74. Benjamin Franklin vs Thomas Jefferson
75. American Political System vs Canadian Political System

A List of Flora and Fauna Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

76. Fruits vs Vegetables
77. Apples vs Oranges
78. Strawberries vs Blueberries
79. Dried Fruit vs Fresh Fruit
80. Potato vs Tomato
81. Snakes vs Spiders
82. Dinosaurs vs Animals
83. Birds vs Bats
84. Lion vs Tiger
85. Zebra vs Horse
86. Dogs vs Wolves
87. Mammals vs Reptiles
88. Cow vs Sheep
89. Chimps vs Humans
90. Shark vs Dolphin

A List of Religion and Faith Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

91. Catholicism vs Christianity
92. Islam vs Judaism
93. Mahayana Buddhism vs Zen Buddhism
94. Religious Mindset vs Cult Following
95. Buddha vs Krishna
96. The Bible vs the Torah
97. Hinduism vs Buddhism
98. Prophet Muhammad vs Jesus
99. Greek Catholic vs Greek Orthodox
100. Protestant vs Catholic

A List of Sports Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

101. Team Sports vs Individual Sports
102. Champions League vs Europa League
103. Soccer vs Football
104. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi
105. Pele vs Maradona
106. Manchester United vs Manchester City
107. Real Madrid vs Barcelona
108. Baseball vs Cricket
109. Willie McCovey vs Mel Ott
110. Football vs Basketball
111. Lebron James vs Michael Jordan
112. Stephen Curry vs Kevin Durant
113. Tennis vs Ping Pong
114. Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal
115. Box vs UFC
116. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather
117. Nascar vs Formula One
118. Formula One vs Motor GP
119. Michael Schumacher vs Sebastian Vettel
120. Hockey Skates vs Figure Skates

A List of Movies Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

121. The Day After Tomorrow vs I am Legend
122. Star Wars vs Star Trek
123. Picard vs Kirk
124. Warcraft vs Lord of the Rings
125. Marvel Movies vs DC Movies
126. Avengers vs League of Justice
127. Batman vs Superman
128. Captain America vs Iron man
129. Breaking Bad vs Game of Thrones
130. Starks vs Lannisters
131. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen
132. The Hunger Games vs Divergent
133. Harry Potter vs Draco Malfoy
134. The Shawshank Redemption vs The Godfather
135. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest vs The Silence of the Lambs

A List of Music Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

136. Rock vs Classical Music
137. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart vs Antonio Salieri
138. American Idol vs The Voice
139. Stevie Wonder vs Michael Jackson
140. Elvis Presley vs Freddie Mercury
141. Beyonce vs Rihanna
142. Beatles vs Led Zeppelin
143. 2Pac vs B.I.G.
144. Rap Music vs Country Music
145. Enrico Caruso vs Mario Lanza

A List of People Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

146. Boys vs Girls
147. Introverts and Extraverts
148. Civil Marriage vs Religious Marriage
149. High School vs College
150. Moms vs Dads
151. Happy vs Sad
152. Online Education vs Traditional Education
153. Friends vs Family
154. Cosmetic Beauty vs Natural Beauty
155. Self-employment vs Unemployment
156. Smoking Cigars vs Smoking Cigs
157. Walmart vs Amazon
158. Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon
159. European Life vs American Life
160. Working in Office vs Working from Home

A List of Human Interests Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

161. Watercolor vs Oil
162. McDonalds vs KFC
163. Ellen DeGeneres vs Oprah Winfrey
164. Facebook vs Twitter
165. Books vs Movies
166. Fitness vs Bodybuilding
167. Street Dance vs Hip Hop
168. Yoga vs Pilates
169. LinkedIn vs SimplyHired
170. America’s Got Talent vs X Factor
171. Snapchat vs Instagram
172. Television vs Newspaper
173. Rapping vs Singing
174. Pablo Picasso vs Vincent Van Go
175. Coding vs Programming
176. Magazines vs Comic Books
177. Ballroom vs Ballet
178. Mountain Bikes vs Road Bikes
179. Cubism vs Abstract Art
180. Crossfit vs Weightlifting

A List of Simple Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

181. Black vs White
182. Herbal Medicine vs Allopathic Medicine
183. Nature vs Technology
184. Best Friend vs Archenemy
185. Fast Food vs Healthy Food
186. Olympics vs World Cup
187. Cash vs Credit Cards
188. Town vs City
189. British English vs American English
190. Start vs Finish
191. Mercedes vs BMW
192. Coffee vs Tea
193. Spring vs Autumn
194. Blizzards vs Hurricanes
195. New Year vs Christmas
196. Love vs Hate
197. Offense vs Defense
198. Homeopathy vs Allopathy
199. Reality TV Shows vs Daily Soaps
200. Good vs Bad

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Compare and Contrast Economic and Political Effects of the Mongol Rule
Compare and Contrast about the Village Life and City Life
Ebook Vs Paper Compare and Contrast
Compare Historical and Current Features of Public Health
Compare and Contrast Hamlet vs Laertes

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