compare and contrast essay

Compare and Contrast Essay:

There are a bunch of similarities and differences between Volleyball and Basketball so that’s why I decided to do my paper on these sports. Volleyball has a different way of scoring compared to Basketball, the way Volleyball scores is every time the ball hits the floor in bounds that’s a point for the team on the other side where the ball hits. And for Basketball, 2 points can be made if you score through the hoop.

You can only score one point out a time as well. Now to score a 3-pointer is only if you shoot from the 3 point line. Volleyball and Basketball are both sports that are used with your hands. Both sports need lots of communication, lots of teamwork; and Both sports have named positions .Volleyball and Basketball have totally different uniforms volleyball uniforms are long silk fitted sleeved most of the time they give you long sleeved uniforms to protect your forearms from bruises or floor burn.

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Basketball uniforms are more loose to give your body air. Volleyball also wears shorts, while basketball wears longer shorts. Both sports can also be played inside or outside. Another difference is that volleyball has a net and basketball has a hoop. Volleyball and Basketball also has this thing called “blocking” but blocking for these sports have a different meaning. Volleyballs meaning is when you block using your hands to block the spike from the opponent team so that the opponent team doesn’t get the point.

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Basketball blocking is more aggressive arm movement so that the opponent player can get distracted and not being able to pass the ball to the opponent’s player. Both sports are really active sports you have to be able to jump and actually be able to move your feet. These sports have different amount of players Basketball has 5 on the court while volleyball has 6 players on the court. Volleyball and Basketball both can be played by boys are girls. Defensive stance is similar with these sports as well. When playing volleyball or Basketball you also need to hear the communication both sports has communication, but different meanings on there communication. Basketball and Volleyball have similarities than I thought at first. I learned way more about Basketball and Volleyball and what these sports have in common and what they didn’t after writing this. So now those who read this can get intresting similarities and differences with volleyball and basketball

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