Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay

Placing a cigarette between his lips, he struck a match, inhaled smoke, and hurriedly put out the light. Almost immediately a bullet flattened itself against the parapet of the roof. This scene is from “The Sniper,” a story that is suspenseful throughout. Another story that is suspenseful throughout is “The Most Dangerous Games.” “The Most Dangerous Games” and “The Sniper” have many similarities and much differences such as the authors of the stories who are from different parts of the world, but write using a similar setting, plot, theme, and characters that overcome adversity. Richard Connell, the author of “The Most Dangerous Games,” and Liam O’Flaherty, the author of “The Sniper,” have many similarities and many differences, such as where they were born, when they started writing and what they wrote. Liam O’Flaherty was born on one of the Aran Islands in 1896; on the other hand Richard Connell was born in 1893. Both of them were born in the 1890’s. Richard Connell started to write when he was 10 years old. To contrast, O’Flaherty wrote his first novel in 1923 so when he was 27. O’Flaherty had originally planned on being a Roman Catholic priest. Unlike O’Flaherty, Connell started to write when he was a child. Richard Connell is American; O’Flaherty is an Irish author.

The authors might be from different parts of the world, but they have many similarities. There are many differences and similarities between “The Most Dangerous Games” and “The Sniper,” such as the setting, the plot, and the theme. Richard Connell and Liam O’Flaherty both write about the consequences of killing people. Some differences in the theme are that O’Flaherty presents the character as a fanatic which ends up getting someone he loves killed. On the other hand, Richard Connell presents a character with wicked uncanny thoughts of killing humans as a game, with the theme of killing others which eventually gets you killed. The setting in “The Most Dangerous Games” is on a remote island. In contrast, “The Sniper” takes place in the city of Dublin, Ireland. They both take place in the 20th century, and both take place outdoors. Both plots have suspense throughout the whole story. “Zarroff,” a main character of “The Most Dangerous Games,” and the “sniper” of “The Sniper” have many similarities and many differences, such as their war history, and why and how they killed. Zarroff is Russian and fought in the Russian Revolution.


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