Compare and Contrast Dogs vs Cats

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Compare and Contrast Dogs vs Cats

Have you ever looked at many animals and saw one and knew that was the one you wanted? That happened to me and my family when we decided to adopt a dog from Douglas Dog Orphans. We went to the orphanage and looked around; there were lots of dogs, all kinds but a special one, named Tucker. His profile said he was a 3 or 4 years old American Bulldog, Lab mix. It said that he was a good dog for a home of any size. He had white fur with a blob of black on one side and 3 more blobs smudged together on the other side. We liked to call him mini cow. He was looking at us like he knew we were the family for him. He was not barking like all the other dogs. We were able to take him into another room and play with just him to make sure we liked him and he like us.

In the office at the orphanage we filled out a lot of paperwork to make sure we would take good care of him. We had to wait a few days before we could take him home. Two days later we were finally able to take him home. He was so happy to be coming home with us his strong tail knocked a plug-in air freshener right out of the wall, flew up the stairs, and crashed into many pieces. When we got outside the snow was so high that he sank into the snow and we could barely see him. He jumped right in the car and off we went. He loved the ride in the car but loved being home even more. Sadly, Tucker got injured and my family had to put him down last week but we will never, ever forget him!


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